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Are the scales of your weighing machine falling and shooting regularly? Have you lost and gained weight on an ongoing basis? For all those people out there who are constantly hassled by weight problems, here are a few tips to maintain that perfect shape, Forever.

Get Real
Okay, so you want to lose 10 kilos. It’s better to break your goal into portions. Lose two or three kilos at a time. This ensures that weight loss in permanent. Make Notes
Make a workout plan for the week, and stick to it come what may!

Aim for 400
Cut 400 calories from your usual daily intake through diet and/or exercise, and you’ll experience slow but steady weight loss.

Pack Lunch
Stop eating out! All that greasy stuff is not doing you any good. Pack a healthy lunch each day, like a chicken or vegetable sandwich, fruit and sliced vegetables.

A Lifestyle Revamp
Take the lift instead of the stairs. Walk whenever you can. Don’t walk into your house and head for the refrigerator. Change your habits. Get the drift.

Indulge Yourself—In Moderation!
If you’re a chip or chocolate addict, don’t sit with a bowl of it. Have smaller quantities and eat slowly.

Build Muscle
The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. So exercise!

Weigh to check your progress.

Tidy the House
This is a great exercise, believe it or not! You can burn 80 to 90 calories during 20 minutes of housework!
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