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Dress right for an interview

When you are called for an interview, you often have enough to be nervous of, without having to worry about your appearance too. Here are some tips to take the uncertainty out of dressing for an interview.

• Your first priority should be a neat and clean appearance. Your clothes should be washed, ironed and free from tears, stains, and missing buttons. Make sure they fit comfortably too.
• Always err on the side of formality. That you are being interviewed by a dot-com known for its casual dressing is not reason enough for you to wear your favourite t-shirt and denims!
• For men, a plain, or very mildly patterned shirt with a buttoned-down collar, and dark trousers is a safe bet. Wear dark socks to match the colour of your trousers. Your polished shoes should be the same colour as your belt.
• For women, non-fussy Indian attire always creates a good impression.
Remove all extra jewellery, and go easy on your fragrance.


Run through this list quickly before you go in for an interview- Make sure

• Your clothes are neat, clean and stain free; your shoes are polished.
• You have several unsoiled copies of all relevant documents with you, in a briefcase or folder, not a plastic shopping bag.
• You have a fair amount of knowledge of the organization you are being interviewed by.
• You are not reeking of paan, or smoke; this is definitely not the time to top up on your fragrance either.
• You have gone to the loo one last time.

Finally, you have a few minutes in which to take a deep breath and calm yourself down.

Is It Cool To Smoke During An Interview?

It’s not enough to be well-versed in your subject, dress strappingly and be punctual for that interview. Don’t forget to mind your manners--or you might get barbecued at the final grill!

• Shake hands, introduce yourself, and wait to be invited to sit down.
• Don’t put your nervousness on display by sitting on the edge of your chair, swinging your legs or fiddling with your clothes.
• Your pre-interview rehearsals will help you deal with the interviewers’ questions. Smile, and speak of your achievements with confidence. This is not the time or place for modesty!
• If you want to overcome with stage fright, look at just one interviewer, and pretend this is a one-on-one interview.
• Remember the interview is a dialogue. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. However, don’t dominate the conversation, or allow your questioning to turn into an interrogation.
• So—is it cool to smoke during your interview? The answer is…NO! Don’t smoke, speak ill of your previous employer, or tell obvious lies about your work experience, achievements, and salary.
• Finally, smile and thank the interviewers for their time, and express definite interest in the job.
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