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Etiquette Tips for the Dance Floor

Considered to be a form of expression, dancing presents itself as an opportunity to enjoy oneself with members of the opposite sex in public and also to make new acquaintance with people unknown to you. Dancing is a social activity, high on entertainment. It plays an important part in many communities. So, the way you conduct yourself on the dance floor tells a lot about the kind of person you are.

Here are few tips helping you get it right on the dance floor:

• Always introduce yourself to someone you don't know, and then invite them to a dance. Ask politely, "Would you like to dance?" Avoid grabbing a partner and pulling them onto the dance floor.
• Treat your partner the way you would wish to be treated...
• While dancing it’s a common courtesy, if you bump into someone, or step onto someone’s feet, to apologize before you move on.
• Once it’s realized that the people appear to be enjoying the music and appreciate their efforts, the band or DJ plays better songs.
• Remember for traveling dances like the Foxtrot, Waltz, etc, the "Line of Dance" is Counter-Clockwise around the dance floor and should make an effort to follow the line of dance. If you are stationary, you should dance in the center of the dance floor, otherwise, you will end up as an obstruction to others.
• Air steps, lifts, drops, etc are not considered appropriate for social dancing at any time. You could put your partner as well as other dancers at the risk of an injury. You can showcase these "show off" steps for performances and competitions or "Jam Circles”.
• When you wish to decline a dance, be polite: smile and say "No, thank you." If there is a reason why you can't dance to that song, give the person a reason.
• It is considered the worst possible etiquette to accept an invitation to dance to a song after declining an invitation to the same song by someone else.
• Do not stare at your partner, make proper eye contact. It shows you are paying attention.
• While dancing focus on your partner, make him/her feel good.
• Don’t forget simple courteous statements like a ‘Thank-You’ after finishing a dance.
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