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- Juhi Dua

Filling up the emotional gaps that exist between you and your girl can be quite a challenge. After all girls are emotional creatures and men are usually not so well equipped in this department. So, while the battle on deciding whether you are more insensitive or she is over sensitive can go on forever, it will only help if you both learn to bend and change a bit. Here is how you can play your part better.

1. Communicate
Women often expect you to read the subtle clues they pass on, but really, it is close to impossible. Is there a way out then? Yes indeed. Tell her that you love her a lot but to make her feel loved you need her help. Get her to talk and express what she feels and what she wants. In other words, develop healthy communication habits so that your unintentionally hurtful words or actions do not linger in her head and keep her upset for days.

2. Dance to her tune, sometimes
If you have been with her for some time, you will know what she expects and what she likes. Though her likes may be diametrically opposite to yours, there is no harm in bending the rules once in a while and acting just to please her. Of course no one expects you to remember each and every date important to her and get flowers every evening, but doing so for even 10% of expected times will keep her emotions in place.

3. Donít be rude and tactless
Even if you think that the new dress she bought makes her look vulgar and fat or that her skin is looking beaten and dead, there are nicer ways of conveying the same to her. Yes, you do need to be critical at times to show your partner the mirror, but do it with utmost care, sans any sly remarks, sarcasm, comparisons or screaming. Also, do not consistently nag your girl about an issue as this will only hurt her and not necessarily solve the problem.

4. Express your love more often
Over sensitive people often stretch a thought and imagine more than required. With such a sensitive partner, itís essential to win her trust so that her insecurities are put to rest. Often express your love to her and she will stay more confident of the relationship and hence in control of her emotions.

5. Be respectful
Respect her for what she is and never criticise her or insult her in public. Sure you will have differences, but they need to be sorted in an amicable civil way, more so with a sensitive partner. This will ensure that she rarely over reacts.

Talk things out with her, love and respect her for the person she is, make her feel safe and pampered in your arms, and you will never be called insensitive again.



- Juhi Dua

When traveling on work keeps you away for anything up to 20 -25 days in a month, what happens to your love life? It obviously feels the pull. Not only does the distance creep in between the hearts, it also places a burden on your woman who has to handle everyday life and those long evenings alone. In most likelihood, she also celebrates her birthday and other important days without you. So, how do you still keep her connected to you? Here is help:

1. Work the phone
Call her, SMS or even send MMS to share those little moments of your life with her. If you are there to congratulate her for her achievements and to cheer her up when she feels low, irrespective of the distance, she will feel loved. And if taking out time from your busy schedule is an excuse you have been giving yourself, get over it. Call her while you travel and SMS while you have your meals or wait for meetings to commence. And yes, donít forget that good night call ever, wherever you may be. This will ensure that she sleeps with you on her mind.

2. Get creative with long distance romance
Phone isnít your only option when you are away. Send a romantic email to her every night or whenever you can. For longer business trips, you could send her post cards regularly and could even dedicate a travel blog to her just so that she stays connected with the happenings in your life. And of course, any woman would immensely appreciate a bunch of flowers with a sweet love note. So, do send one occasionally, but not too often either, else it would fail to generate the excitement it should.

3. Bring back thoughtful gifts for her
The idea is not to spend a fortune. But, bringing back little thoughtful gifts for her would go a long way in expressing the thought that she was on your mind.

4. Make your together time unforgettable
Surprise her with flowers, leave chits for her in the bath, cook a meal for herÖ do anything you are good at, to make her feel special when you are around. These sweet memories of magical moments spent with you will keep her busy thinking of you when you arenít there.

5. Take her with you whenever you can
Though this may not be possible most of the time, but when you can take her along, do it so that she knows how much she really means to you. The plus point here is that she will understand your business better post a business trip with you and hence will be more understanding with your travel requirements in future.



Love is supposed to bring sunshine and happiness into one's life. If your love life is not brightening up your mood but instead is filing you up with grief then its time for de-toxifying your relationship. Here are 5 simple tips to help you clean up the mess from your love life:

1. Start communicating to clear misunderstandings
Negativities don't emerge in a day. They build up over a long period of time. If your relationship is plagued with bad vibes today, it's because you never bothered to sort out the mess ever. So talk with your girlfriend about issues that are draining away the fun and happiness. Tell her what you feel about her and what this relationship means to you. Tell her about things you like and you detest. Spend time just talking and bonding with her and make her feel like a part of you. The immediate benefits of effective communication will surely leave you surprised.

2. Change those irritating habits she detests
Adjusting a little as per your partners needs is a must to make any relationship work. If she dislikes your habit of coming late every time or flirting with other women in front of her, you might as well change them to let peace prevail. It's really not much of a price for a healthy and a happy relationship.

3. Accept the issues and look for mutually acceptable solutions
She is not giving you enough space or you are getting too curious or possessive about her, whatever the issues maybe, you need to accept them and arrive at solutions to solve the problem. Do it now before the bond gets severed beyond repair.

4. Respect her emotions
For a woman it's very important to have a partner who respects her, trusts her and knows how to read between the lines. This may take time to master, but you can begin by not passing rude comments about her beliefs, looks and acts.

5. Go on a weekend holiday to revive romance
Sometimes boredom kills all the excitement that is necessary to keep a relationship alive and kicking. This lack of excitement that gives way to negativity that is a sure shot killer. So infuse some passion and excitement in your relationship by taking a quick romantic break. A weekend holiday is the best option keeping hectic schedules in mind.



How do you handle the heat when the honeymoon gets over? Here are 5 time-tested tips to help you cope up with the hiccups and make your relationship last longer:


Ignore your partnersí fallouts
Donít escalate the negatives in him regularly. Learn to live with him as a person, subtly bring up the issues that bother you, only if they are severely impact your lives together. Discuss issues to strictly find solutions that are mutually acceptable, admitting that you have limitations too. Donít play the blame game ever.


Do not encourage a slinging match
Disagreements, arguments and fights are bound to occur. Ensure that you keep these fights, free of abuse and bitter accusations. Hurtful words once uttered in a fit of anger can scar your mateís feelings forever and thus your relationship.


Build trust in each other
Stand by your man when the going gets tough for him, let him know that you care, give him a long rope. At the same time, give him space, donít mother him and be overbearing. Build trust in every way possible.


Bury the bad forever
Discussing the bad times and analyzing whose fault it was and what your man should have and should not have done will only butcher your current relationship with him. So itís best for you to bury the bad memories forever.


Celebrate the good times
Celebrating achievements and sharing happiness can immensely strengthen a bond. So go ahead and raise a toast to your togetherness.



Juhi Dua

This is the age of instant fame. What do you do when your woman becomes a celebrity overnight and has the public, press and other celebrities vying for her attention? How can it impact your relationship when her priorities suddenly change? Here are five tips to help you cope:
1. Have faith in your relationship: Don't get paranoid or over-possessive, as it will only ruin things. Instead, celebrate with your woman and let her know that you are very happy for her.
2. Don't let unnecessary insecurities creep in: If she makes you feel that now she is too good for you then it's time to move on. But if she still respects you and loves you just the same, you have no reason to be insecure.
3. Be supportive and broad-minded: Courting fame comes with its own responsibilities. She is now likely to have lots of social engagements that will not include you. She might travel extensively and may not be able to spend as much time with you as she did earlier. You must take all of this in your stride. Your understanding behaviour will only make her love you more.
4. Don't let the attention bother you: Reams of print are dedicated to scrutinising our celebrities and your girlfriend is unlikely to be spared. Many things may be written about her. While you should not be blind, don't doubt her too much or seriously consider every little rumour as this would equal to punishing her for her fame.
5.   Don't try to piggy back on her fame: Taking advantage of your girlfriend's celebrity hood is not cool. Refrain from throwing your weight around just because you are dating her.

Raise a toast to her success and be there for her. Your relationship need not suffer if you keep these pointers in mind.
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