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A few wrong lines can spell disaster on your date, guys!
Here are some pick-up lines for men that’ll never do on the first date or even get you close to being social!

• "Guess what? Today seems your lucky day! Of all the girls around I picked you to talk to."
There’s no doubt a woman appreciates confidence. But you can blow off her mind on the first date if it crosses the line.

• "What's your sign?"
You might genuinely want to work out some zodiac compatibility, but it’s a very gimpy pick-up line for men to break the ice on their first date!

• "Be my Betty so I can be your Barney Rubble and make your bed rock."
High time you came out of that cave and said something 21st Century-like! No matter how original, a cheesy pick-up line like this might have you whacked by her!

• "Just in case we're stopped by the cops we’re gonna tell them this is your brother's car and you don’t know what’s in the trunk!"
Until you’re ridiculously good-looking do not try this on your first date. Not only does it sound lame you might even come across as a meanie.

• "I usually date attractive chicks, but I’ve started to feel I should be with someone more like you, you know?"
Here’s a corny pick-up line to avoid on your first date. Every girl wants to feel sexy and be told about her guy’s attraction to her. And, you wouldn’t want to insult her, right?

• "Are you going to kiss me, or do I have to lie to my diary?"
This one’s upfront. She could tag you "desperate" at this speed for a first date.

• "If beauty were time, you would be an eternity."
A woman appreciates her guy’s admiration of her. But she can well identify if he’s putting up a show in his flattery.

• "Can I borrow your phone? I promised my mom I'd call her when I fall in love."
Now that’s being a momma’s boy on your first date. It is another of those cocky pick-up lines men should avoid.

• "Is it hot in here or is it just you?"
This is tacky. Do not even try it.

• "If I followed you home, would you keep me?"
Try not to be a pickup artist and talk your desperation. A cheesy pick-up line can prove to be very intrusive on the first date.


You’ve had the biggest crush on her for the past few months and she’s finally ‘agreed’ to start dating you (she probably has her reasons) and it’s been a smooth first few weeks! So, what do you do once the chase is over and the dust finally begins to settle? Clueless? Fret not! Here are a few pointers that’ll transform you into some kind of a knight!

1. Why did she fall for you?
Just because she’s dating you doesn’t mean that she’s going to be with you forever! Nor does it mean that she won’t leave you for a better guy! Point being, don’t take her for granted. Make a mental list of all the things she likes about you (the physical not counting). Try to engage in activities that highlight some or all of these things.

2. The intellect
Looks matter, sure! But women also dig guys who can hold up a decent conversation. Your bawdy jokes and sarcasm might actually work around your male friends, but she might not take it as well. So, try to tone it down a little. If it’s going well, the last thing you’d want is for her to think you’re ‘judgmental’!

3. Surprise! Surprise!
Women love surprises! And while this too may sound a little ‘been there done that’, it works like a charm. You can stick with the traditional surprise gift or you can go with something totally unexpected. Trace back to conversations that the two of you have had. Is there something that she really wanted but didn’t get or something that she really liked that she lost? You’ll not only pleasantly surprise her, it’ll also indicate that you actually do ‘listen’.

4. The work-play relationship
If you’re one of those couples who have demanding jobs, even the thought of meeting her after work hours might tire you out. Resort to the more convenient things. Call when in transit (on your way home perhaps) to talk about your day. You could send her sweet or humorous messages every now and then. It’ll let her know she’s on your mind and help you score a few bonus points.

5. Plans, plans & more plans!
Make sure that you don’t get into the movie-dinner-home routine. It can really ruin your relationship and bore the both of you. Get a little fancy sometimes; suggest that you go to that great new restaurant for dinner. Invite her home and cook a meal for her. And it’s ok even if you don’t know how to, she’ll think its ‘cute’ that you tried. If you’ll both have no time to meet in the evenings, drop by her work place and take her out to lunch.

6. What women really want!
Women want to be loved, pampered, cherished and a lot of other things. Make her feel like she’s the perfect girl for you. Or better still, that she’s the most perfect girl in the world. You could try and identify what it is that she really looks for in a partner and then work towards it. If you could fill in the gaps that her previous partner couldn’t, that could also work well.


Everyone likes surprises. Women are no different. The ideal guy always has something planned up his sleeve. Anything from a simple chocolate to the most exquisite jewellery when given at the unexpected moment always elicits a sense of fun and added thrill.

An adventure outing on a quite weekend. Orchids instead of a rose. You get the picture? Live your life for the moment. Have a sense of spirit and adventure. Keep your retirement and insurance plans, but spice up your dating game with fun and spontaneous zeal. Your date will certainly enjoy a tinge of mystery and loads of fun and with you by her side there's no stopping.


If the choice is up to you, opt for a restaurant that you feel comfortable in. Avoid fast-food restaurants --- it’s difficult to talk clearly when you’re trying to dig into a burger. Pubs, or restaurants blaring loud music are also a no-no --- your aim is to have a conversation, remember? A restaurant with spaced-out tables is preferable --- you wouldn’t want your neighbours to latch on to your sweet nothings, would you! The lights should be on the lower side, but not too low, or else she might begin doubting your motives! On the other hand, blinding lights can be really unromantic. Moonlight or candlelight would be ideal. And yes, the food should be palatable. And you would only know that if you’ve been there before.


Avoid horror flicks and bold adult movies. High action-packed films are also complete no-nos. While many women like action, it is not something that they would like on a first date. Women are much more romantic than you can imagine. The best films are romantic comedies. If that’s not a category of films running at that time, choose the next best film available. But remember the categories you need to avoid. Most important, you should book the tickets beforehand. The fact that you did not plan ahead for a situation like an `house-full’ can completely turn her off.
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