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by Juhi Dua

When women term men as creepy, scary and weird, what do they mean? We list out 5 things that women find creepy and that you must learn to avoid if you want to be perceived as safe, charming and dateable.

1. Being over friendly online
You just met this girl yesterday at a social gathering and hardly exchanged a few words, but today you send her a friend request to add her to your social networking account and that too with a super personalised message or with a comment about her profile pic. This will make you come across as too desperate. This step forward so quickly is likely to scare her away as women tend to get uncomfortable with snoopy, very inquisitive men. So, avoid this social networking or chat invite attack so soon. Itís best to get introduced again formally through a common friend.

2. Calling up incessantly to fix a date
If you called today and she said no, take at least 3 days to call back again or simply tell her to call you when she is free. Have faith, if she is interested, she will call you. But if you keep calling her every day, you might scare away even an interested girl.

3. Talking sex in the first few conversations
Whether it be during your dates, on chat or phone, do not mention anything overtly sexual in the first few conversations. You donít want her to think that you are one of those hundreds of guys that she has met who are only after sex and nothing more. She needs to be sure of you first to even think of getting intimate with you. Hence, itís best to develop a relationship first and then get on to deeper and more intimate things like sex.

4. Getting too close for comfort
We mean this literally. If you are one of those guys who have no sense of personal space, chances are women will want to keep you miles away. You cannot assume that if a woman has agreed to go on a date with you, she will accept your unnecessary touching and rubbing shoulders at every step. This assumption is what makes you creepy and obnoxious.

5. Hanging out just to meet her
Stalking her is obviously creepy but also hanging out at places you know she is sure to frequent comes across as unappealing and scary. It wonít endear you to a girl so why do it?

Like you prefer to chase women, they like a chase too. So, do chase them but donít get too impatient or snoopy in your approach, as all this will get you is the title of Mr. Creepy.

The worst thing you could do when youíre out on a date is to refer to the girl youíre with as: a `broad,í or Ďchick,í or `babe,í or something to that effect. Make no mistake: sheíll find you disgusting. So what should you call her then? By her name of course.

Donít say something like: ďYouíre the first intelligent broad Iíve met in a long time,Ē and later wonder why she dumped you, despite the compliment you paid her. Itís no use calling her intelligent if youíre also going to call her a `broad.í Youíd be better off saying: ďRita (or whatever her name is), youíre pretty intelligent.Ē


Many guys think itís macho to keep checking out other women when on a date. Your date, like most women, will find it repulsive and annoying. For two reasons. One, sheís going to think that you have absolutely no self-control. When youíre with your guy friends, you can ogle as much as you want, but when on a date, the woman sitting opposite you should be the centre of attraction (if she isnít you shouldnít be there in the first place). Not only that, if she notices that your eyes are wandering all over the place, youíre telling her that you donít respect her. Thatís one of the worst things you could do. If a woman feels you donít respect her, your chances of dating her again are very bleak.

When on a date, we advise you to maintain as much as eye contact as possible. One of the most common complaints women have is: ďThat creep! He kept staring at my breasts for most of the evening.Ē Yes, woman find such behavior obnoxious to stay the least. Your date might have a great figure, but if you think that by ogling at her youíre paying her a compliment, YOUíR WRONG. Itís not only rude, but also paints you as a frustrated, dirty young man (the girl might wonder: ďIf heís staring on this date, I wonder what heíll do the next time we meet.Ē). Not only will you ruin your chances with the girl across you, but also your chances of ever finding a longer-lasting date are very remote.
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