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The 4-Step Method To Analyze A Woman Better!

Looking for a soul mate? Well, we warn you that it may cost you some time, patience and money before you hit gold. For those of you who are getting weary of dating disappointments, here’s a relatively fast and cheap 4-step method to find out if she’s worth the 12 roses, wine and chocolates you just blew up your money on.

On your first date take her out for dinner and follow these steps:

1: Is She Miss Bossy?

Deciding where to eat is often the best time to see if your woman is a down-to-earth gal or just a selfish, spoilt princess. While choosing a restaurant if she disagrees with all of your ideas and insists on going to her own spots, it might mean that she's domineering, possessive, and just an overall pain.

2: Is She Interested Enough?

In-between-course discussions, answer your doubts about how much of you she’s willing to take in. Observe not only what is said, but also how it is expressed. Does she make eye contact or offer feedback of any kind while speaking to you? Constantly glancing at her watch or answering her cell phone? Is she interested in your life or is it all about her? Can she laugh at a joke?

3: Is She Courteous?

While being served note whether or not she waits for you to get to your dish before starting to eat. Note her table manners more minutely. Does she chew with her mouth open? Do chunks of food come out while speaking? Does she assume your food is hers to pick? Aside from table manners, her actions speak volumes when it comes to the little respect she has for you.

4: She Is Ms. Thrifty?

Now for the most daunting challenge of the night: the bill. Does she or does she not offer to pay the bill? Do not confuse this with actually paying the bill (which is what gentlemen do). Just observe if she shows any interest in paying all, or part, of the amount.

Having spent all that money on your lady, at least you’ve had an opportunity to analyse her better. To meet or not to meet after your first date, entirely depends on you!

Do you prefer to go Dutch on a date or take the chivalrous way out? Post your views
Body Language - The Signs Of Female Interest!

Last week’s tip was on negative dating body language. This week we talk about positive body language.

When a woman is interested, there are certain postures, gestures and general signs to watch out for. These signs are indicators that she likes you or at least has an interest in you. The next time you go out with someone you like, or general are on a date, study her body language, because it will tell you much.

Which Direction?
This is a very important indicator. Observe if she begins to face or point in your direction. This may be done with her foot, a leg or even her entire body. If both of you are standing, she will tend to face her body towards you and probably point her foot towards you. So if her foot is pointed to the guy standing next to you, tough luck!

Sitting Pretty
How do women sit? They often sit with one foot tucked up under the butt and then point with that knee. A knee point is an excellent sign as this exposes her thigh to you (unless she wearing trousers) and she would only do this if she likes you and is comfortable in your presence.

Women will also sit with one leg crossed over the other, and point the knee towards you. That’s good body language!

Rubbing Shoulders
Leaning towards is an absolute yes! Also if she looks at you over her shoulder that's pointed in your direction.

Top 7 Sure Signs Of Positive Body Language. Read More

Do You Find It Easy To Interpret Women? Share Your Experiences With Agony Aunt Here
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