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Four Insightful Truths About Women…

1. She says she wants to be just friends; does she like me?

Nopes! She’s conveying in a subtle manner that you are not her type and she has no interest in pursuing a romantic relationship with you. So don't kid yourself that this friendship will blossom true love.

Hint: Respect her feelings and move on. Have a realistic expectation. Maybe you are only chasing very attractive women, career-oriented types or women with lots of money when you fair only averagely in these departments? Well, it’s time to assess your positive attributes and find women who are in the same league as you.

2. Is she attracted to me? How can I tell?

If she is she’ll try to flirt with you! She’ll stand closer, touch you on the arm or back and try to convey their intentions subtlety. Her eyes will gaze into you’re a split second longer than necessary and she’ll mimic your bodily gesture/postures. Attention is a way to gauge attraction. Usually when a woman is attracted to a man she focuses closely on what he says.

Hint: You have to learn to take the hint, or you’ll be left behind!

3. Women seek ‘sensitive’ men. Then do good looks, buff bodies and sizeable pay packets also matter?

By sensitive, they mean strength of character and this is the basic requirement for every women and far more important than individual attributes like money, looks etc.

Hint: Be sensitive to women in general and also look for a woman who is attracted to the inner you as well as the outer you.

4. I never get beyond the first date. Am I unattractive?

Obviously you are not making a very good first impression, which usually happens right in the beginning of the date.

Hint: Be punctual, be courteous to her, pay for the bill and hold the door for her. Have a two-way conversation. Offer some personal information and then ask her something about herself. Don't tell jokes, long drawn-out stories or mention anything of a sexual nature.
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