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Is Your Date Interested In You?

If you thought that the concept of non-verbal body language was crap, think again. The reason while most people mess up a date is because of their bad, bad body language. Body language says a lot about the person, their attitude and their frame of mind. Here is how to read the signals properly and judge the progress of your date:

Eye Contact

Notice how she looks at you. If the eye contact is direct and consistent, then she is definitely comfortable and interested in you. This also communicates honesty and sincerity.

Thumbs Down! If sheís being very shifty eyed, this could either signify a lack of interest or conversely, that your date is a little shy. How can you tell the difference? Find out if she is shy in general.

Havenít yet experienced a restless date? She moves around in her chair, keeps glancing at her watch and her mind is constantly wondering. This indicates that she is not here mentally with you.

Thumbs Down! This behavior communicates a lack of interest or a preoccupation with someone or somewhere else.

Watch Her gaze
Is she constantly glancing (and furtively) around the room? Every other minute she looks at the door of the restaurant or at the attractive men seated at other tables.

Thumbs Down! This blatantly signifies a lack of interest, possible discomfort and a desire to avoid interaction with you. Itís often also a general indication of a girl who is insincere and who has not been very honest/ candid with you.

Too Quiet? Silence often speaks volumes. What does his silence indicate? Read OnÖ

If itís a first date, be careful not to quickly write it off to something you want it to be, as opposed to what it really is. If the behavior continues on the second date you need to start questioning!
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