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Ask Your Woman Out—Without Fear!

‘Kkkkiran. Kkkkya tum mujhse dosti karogi?’

Do you stammer and stutter, when speaking to someone you are attracted too? Do you harbour any fear or phobia while approaching or proposing to a girl? Well, you will only end up losing the girl and your confidence as well. One of the qualities that women value most in a man is confidence. If you're not confident with women, then you must put yourself on a confidence-building program. How is that done? Here's the secret (It's actually a lot easier than you might think):

• Don’t underestimate yourself: It is of the outmost importance to be confident about one’s own self. No matter how attractive or intellectual the opposite party is, don’t let that give you a complex. Deep inside you are a wonderful person who deserves the joys and treasures of life and love and in return have much to offer. Stay away from comparison game for you are a distinct person all together with lots of love and warmth to offer.
• Get comfortable with the fair sex: If you spend most of your life hardly ever approaching and talking to any females at all, it's pretty tough to suddenly ask out a woman whom you've just met, particularly a rather attractive one. But the more you practice interacting with females on a daily basis, the easier it gets to connect with the ones you like. Talk to women of all ages. Talk to mothers about their kids. Ask grannies what the difference is between a sweet potato and a yam. Laugh and joke with the plain-Jane who works at the bank and isn't quite pretty enough for you to be romantically interested in. But talk only to women whom you are 100% comfortable with.
• Make The Moves: After feeling a little ease with women, take first step towards the person you have been sighing after. Start with something small, like ‘hello’. Smile and be sure to make an eye contact for a while such that she notices you. Strike up a conversation based on any material that is in her hand or something about your surrounding or a plain ‘Lovely day, isn’t it?’ Now if she is willing to chat she will pick the line and respond. No signs of fidgeting or shilly-shallying around, looking out for some one to come and help her out of an unwanted situation. ATTABOY! THE GIRL IS ALMOST YOURS. But if she gives you a nice cosmetic smile and excuses herself from the scene, it’s your turn to take the hint.
• Positive outlook: There is no shame in letting people know that you are single and looking for someone suitable. Get out and start relating to the abundance of women who are everywhere else. Just avoid using work as your only resource for meeting women. Avoid being labelled as “off-the-market”. So, search for new prospects at parties, get-togethers, and through friends. And whenever you are out and about in public, say "hello" to and strike up a conversation with every woman that you encounter.

Try Playing This Mind Game…

• Rate all women on a scale of 1-10.
• Make an effort to speak to as many women as you can, in a friendly, non-intrusive manner, and especially those who rate 5-7 on your scale.
• Now, to tackle those who fall in the 8 and above category; when you meet them pretend that they are in the 5-7 slot. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable and at ease, in this case.
• Now, when you come across someone who really takes your fancy, you are sure to be at ease and muster up the courage to ask her out.

Now the ball’s in your court…
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