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When your heart gets attracted to someone, all logic usually takes a back seat. But when you meet certain men, applying logic becomes essential. Here is a lowdown on 3 men you should never ever get involved with:

1. Mr. Casanova

This guy is truly the prince charming you always dreamt of. He floors you with his words, looks, attitude and just about everything. He treats you like a goddess and is a perfect lover. But the problem is that he impresses every woman he meets or dates, just like he has impressed you. So don't be surprised if he calls you by another name and forgets your likes and dislikes; after all, he has so many to remember.
Why you should not get involved with him: You don't want to become another collection in this womanizer's treasure. For him you are probably just another conquest and surely, you are more dignified that that!

2. Mr. Success Chaser

He is a true workaholic with a mad streak that pegs him to go to any length, fair or fraud, to achieve money, position and power. He is too busy chasing success to have time to chase you. You will at best get No. 2 position in his life as No. 1 is reserved for career and success.

Why you should not get involved with him: He is definitely going to get to the top someday but whether he will have time for you then is questionable. You might even have to take an appointment to see him. So he's best left alone chasing success!

3. Mamma's Boy

Being attached to one's mother and loving and respecting her is a must, but a mamma's boy falls in a different league all together. The woman in his life who reigns supreme is his mother. If you enter his life, you will have to first please his mother to win him over completely, which may be simply impossible.

Why you should not get involved with him: When there will be fights between you and his mother, he will always take his mother's side. Plus the house décor, the car he buys, the colour of your bedroom curtains and so on will all be decided by his mother. Imagine!

So look before you leap and steer clear from these 3 men. Happy dating!



Are love knots really tied in paradise and celebrated on earth? Is there someone like a soul mate who is actually made for you, waiting to be with you…A few ways to identify your `ideal’ mate:

• Write down your expectations from a relationship. The qualities you most strongly desire (in a relationship) giving reason for why you so cherish them.
• While enlisting qualities make a mention of why you think these are so close to you. Writing helps since one is easily able to assail and weigh values and preferences that are closely cherished.
• Make a list of people you feel strongly connected to. Compare the qualities they have with your list and identify the ones that come closest to your dream qualities.
• In case you find it difficult to find someone to fit your bill in your immediate periphery, start circulating in a larger crowd. Networking is very important to identify the right person.
• At the most crucial moment we often find our strength and resolve deserting us. Past worries and inner fears start resurfacing. Resolve them at the earliest as they are potential dangers that could ruin your present.


Ever wondered what is that special something that you seek in a guy? Must he be handsome, good natured, charming, chivalrous, with a sense of humor…? Well, a perfect person is yet to evolve (thank god for that), but there are a few qualities that do make men special and adorable. Read on and find out which one would you look out for in your man?

• Would you be keen on dating a man who is endowed with qualities that you greatly admire but lack? The father figure?!
• Someone who gives you your freedom, time and space? Allows you to grow as a person by appreciating the inherent differences that add colours to your personality? The wizened teacher?!
• Someone who can handle problems and issues with clinical detachment and judge people and issues for their own merit? The rationalist?!

Someone who can chaff the grain from the husk and know when to react to a situation? Mr. Right Reaction?!


Every woman looks for the “right man.” But never expect too much. All of us have our shortcomings. You have to compromise. You might wait virtually all your life before finally finding a man who has got everything you ever wanted (looks, money, charm etc). The only problem could be that the two of you are as different as chalk and cheese! What do you do? Don’t lose hope. You could start with light-hearted dates. During these, try to look beyond his negative qualities for his ‘good side.’ If the latter outweighs his ‘bad side,’ well you could have something going. The message here is: keep a positive outlook, it improves your chances of finding a match.
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