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So you have been a spendthrift through the year and have not bothered to plan for special occasions at all. And there you sit… night before your boyfriend's birthday with no money to buy him that precious gift. Worry not. Here are some cheap but lovely birthday gift ideas that won’t cost you too much dough but will speak of those magical three words, nevertheless. And that’s the whole point because it’s the thought that counts… isn’t it gals.

Say “I love you” with the soap
Surprise him with a gift from the heart! Be ultimately romantic by presenting him with a romantic Soapcard gift. Buy an irresistibly fragrant soap, embedded with your personalized love message. If you can’t find an appropriate shop selling carved soaps then just buy a fragrant soap and carve your romantic message on it on your own.

The lovely basket trick
You can pick up an inexpensive basket at any craft or superstore. Stuff it with his favorites… his favorite candies, chocolates, a nice pen, 2-3 small greeting cards, each with a cute loving message for him. You could add a lot of small inexpensive but useful goodies like a lighter (if he smokes), a key chain, post-it notes, small pieces of office equipment like a small stapler and so on. Throw in a Swiss Army Knife and you are bound to get him all impressed. Every guy has always wanted to carry it around in his pocket, more out of the desperate urge to feel macho than anything else. Don't worry, there are enough cheapie imitations around, and he's hardly going to be discerning enough to notice anyway.

The Coffee Lover's Crate
If your man enjoys a good cup of coffee, pick up a few mugs, his favorite blend of beans and some flavored creamers. Add a gift certificate to a coffee shop or a new coffee bean grinder.

Need a Break Basket?
Is his work stressing him out? Does he desperately need to unwind? Make a basket that gives your man all the tools to relax: a good book, some bath oil, a few scented candles, herbal tea. Let your imagination run wild and put in stuff worth your budget. And while you are at it… throw in a card that says that he has won a special back massage all free. And of course, be nice enough to give it to him, he deserves it.

A smart cologne gift set
They are such suckers for good smellies! Any of the designer names are available at big stores around you and to get a bargain on them, hop into one of those numerous little smuggie shops and get a steal of a deal on your set of whiffs.

Music Music all the way!
Get him a copy of his favourite band's latest album. Buying can be expensive so just lift it off Coolgoose or some other music website and get someone to write it for you.
Homemade Gifts
Nothing says, "I love you" more than the time you invest in making something for that special someone. Here are a few simple ideas for you to draw from:

Picture Frame
Find a photo where the two of you look great together. Make a paper mache frame and stick the photo on top of it. You could make a nice frame with the combination of paper mache and origami skills. You could even give some innovative homemade touches to a basic metal frame by painting on it with the colors that go with his room decor. You could even write 3-4 small messages on the frame, if it is broad enough to write neatly.

Bath Oil
Easy and inexpensive to make, bath oils can be put into pretty, decorator jars or added to a basket of relaxing goodies. Try this recipe for scented bath oil: 2 ounces carrier oil (such as sweet almond) 20 drops of essential scented oil (lavender, orange and spicy oils work best). Blend together and store in a glass container.

Boring stuff made interestingly
Try your hand at making a personalized calendar or dayplanner. This can be done on your home computer with a wide variety of photo software programs or if you are skilled with a brush and paint and have loads of time on hand then you could paint him one. Some skill spilled on nice textured handmade paper is all you need to fill his entire year with pleasantries. You can even add birthdays and special days to the calendar for him.

Writing and writing again
Sometimes, putting your feelings and thoughts down on paper is the best gift of all. Pen a poem to him conveying how much he means to you and frame it or add it to a personalized book. Make a cutout of a photograph of both of you and thread a ribbon into it to make it into a bookmark

Make your man feel extra special by gearing your special gift toward his interests. Don't let these ideas limit you. Be creative and hey presto… nothing you present your man with will ever be a disappointment. Thoughtfulness of your gift will get them all impressed and more smitten. Remember that men always like getting dabbed with love and concern. So go ahead and do it.


Taking a walk refreshes you mentally as well as physically. Try going out for a walk with your partner. Just the two of you hand in hand talking about things that are close to your heart and sharing moments. Try not to disagree or argue as a rule. Compliment your partner and try and recall funny things; this would lighten the mood and also infuse enthusiasm.

This exercise could stimulate you physically and mentally and leave you feeling good about yourself and your partner. And when you are feeling very good about each other, need we say anything of romance stirring up? Cheers!


Whether it is Valentine or any other cosy evening together, it could be an evening of whispering sweet nothings to your heartthrob. If you are one who finds it embarrassing to talk romantically, why not try writing some poetry. If nothing else your sweetheart will at least have a good laugh!


“Love makes the world go round” never has this adage needed more stress than in this age of cyber relationships. Your mate is the most special and most important person in your life. He/She contribute largely to your mental as well as physical well being. And having that special someone to share moments with is really something to long for.

• It doesn’t matter if you are 10 years into your marriage or 3 years dating steadily. You need to rekindle and spark your relationship with your partner. Before you contemplate on doing so allow us to guide you with a few pointers…
• Remember to look good. The chances of romancing and wooing are significantly better if you didn’t look like a cabbage or pouted a beer belly.

Court again. Do what you did to woo your mate and this time add the flavour of togetherness.

• Remember your first days of togetherness? There is no better way of sparking off the flame than remembering you first fun times together. Now try to do something that you enjoyed doing during your first few dates.

• Be sure to spend some time together alone. Make it a point to spend at least 10 minutes everyday with your partner. And make this a fun time for yourselves. (We needn’t give you tips on being mischievous or naughty) just spruce up that time.


In the cyber age where writing / typing emails and sending electronic cards seem to be the thing to do, we look back at the age old tradition of wooing your loved ones… letter writing…. Are there any takers? Sure there are… doing something different appeals to most of us and being unique is being special. And don’t you need to be special for that special someone?

Love Letters

Among all the letters of correspondence, the most thoroughly read and the longest preserved, are the love letters. So exercise great care when preparing them.

Importance of Care


Love letters should be very guardedly written. Be sure to make it as close to perfect as possible. Make a respectful and confidential letter, because the receiver obviously means a lot to you.


The love-letter should be honest. It should say what the writer means, and nothing more.

These are just a few pointers to take care of when writing letters. But let your creative juices flow and you won’t be disappointed with your partner’s reaction.


Gifting him huh? Racked your brains but cannot think of the right gift for your beau? Well we can definitely help here. Try some of these gift ideas, they cost nothing but spell a world of care, love and understanding:

These come with a price tag:
• Computer game
• A bottle of wine
• A music CD

These are priceless:
• A favourite aftershave
• A vacation or picnic
• Probably a dream bike (if you are feeling rich that is)

Oohhh! Would kill for this one:
• A warm smile that says I love you
• Cuddle up to honey bunny

Tired of all those predictable Valentine ideas, well try some of these refreshingly new ones that will rekindle the love flame.

• Have you ever tried your hand at cooking up cute names for sweetie? Try it, think of a name whose magic and beauty works exclusively for the two of you. Call him by that special name and watch him roar with love!
• Now you have proposed sex once before and then it was a routine affair, but did you ever think of giving this pleasure activity a romantic angle? Yes you can actually build a high-pitched suspense to the act by leaving love notes and suggestive knick knacks around the house. Your guy is going to love you for this one.
• How about letting your romantic other know just how precious he is to you? Change the screen saver on his PC to one which keeps flashing love signs all day. Don’t make the message too personal in case this is the office PC (don’t want others sniggering at him).
•  Propose, yes (and in case you have already done so do it yet again, gallantly) go down on your knees, lay your hand on your heart and ask him (earnestly, mind you) `will you be mine?’ Oh God he would have killed for this moment!
•  How about chiseling `I love you’ on a splinter of wood or little stones? Wow! That is a neat idea. Your guy is going to adorn this streak of innovativeness, go for it.
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