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- Juhi dua

Are his moves in bed confusing you, or even worse, leaving you discontented? We tell you how to tackle issues in bed, the gentle and the smart way.

1. He likes to skip foreplay
He rushes into getting an orgasm, pushing aside foreplay and doesn’t really care about pleasuring you? This means that either he is plain selfish or is not enjoying the act enough to want to elongate it. It could also mean that he is too turned on for foreplay. Find out what's behind the behavior. Usually, if you would like foreplay, an attempt to seduce him should work. To ensure an orgasm for yourself, ask him if he's content today; if he answers in affirmative, tell him lovingly that you’d like to be in that happy spot as well. And if he denies having a good time, gently demand to know what’s not clicking and work to fix it.

2. Touch me not
Men are rarely in the touch me not zone; usually not until they have peaked. So while you are in the act and he pushes your hands or your mouth away, it simply means he’s not digging that particular move of yours or probably he isn’t in a mood today at all. Also, some guys like it slow and steady, so if you went too fast, it may have transferred him into an uncomfortable spot. It works best to ask him directly about how he’d like you to proceed.

3. He doesn’t like to kiss
Kissing while in the act is usually important for women, but men sometimes may not want to indulge in it. It does not necessarily mean anything and could just signal a personal preference or the fact that when he is too turned on, he likes to concentrate on the act. But if this affects you, talk it out with him and tell him how important kissing is for you. If he cares for your pleasure, he will make an attempt to strike a balance.

4. The light fight
This one’s a universal issue. You want to make love in the dark and he wants lights on. To be honest, if he likes the lights on while making love to you, it’s good news. Because it simply means that he likes looking at you when you are pleasuring each other. But if the lights make you conscious and uncomfortable thus affecting your performance, invest in a tasteful lamp and resolve this tiff forever.

The bottom-line is: there is nothing that can’t be solved if discussed. If you are close enough to be making love, get comfortable enough to talk about it and you will have only joy to share in bed!



- Juhi dua

The New Year is only one month down and the Valentine’s Day is almost here. What could be a better time than this to give your relationship just the booster it needs. We present you with three wonderful ideas.

1. How about romance in a tent?
Who says you need expensive flight tickets or oodles of money to take off from your routine life? All you need to do is choose a safe beach nearby, (the Konkan coastline has a lot of them), simply pitch a tent on one of these, inflate a mattress, light a lamp outside and you are good to go – a romantic getaway and almost for free. This is doable at the clean beach fronts of Goa and Karnataka as well. Alternatively, you could also choose a beach resort with ample beach frontage and take permission from the resort authorities to pitch a tent on their premises for which you may have to pay a paltry sum. This will give you the combined benefit of both safety that a private property offers and a sense of adventure which will only enhance the magic of love.

2. Discover your city together
You may have lived in the same city for years, but do you remember the last time you looked at it with your man, let alone explore its not-so-known facets? Here is an idea- rent bikes—if you don’t have two of your own— pack a picnic basket and explore your town – together! Choose to tour areas that are not so traffic laden and have open spaces for you to enjoy. You will be surprised to see the number of small parks and cool alleys that even a city like Mumbai has. Agreed, this may not be as charming as the French countryside and yet you will have enough to enjoy!

3. Let the date box take charge
If you’ve been together for over a couple of years, sometimes laziness may set in. It does not always mean that your man has fallen out of love or that you are any less attracted to him. But it does mean that you need to ignite that spark again. To turn on the excitement, start by setting in place a date box. Sit with your man and write down some electrifying date ideas on a piece of paper and agree that once or twice every week, you both will, turn by turn, pick one chit and live that hot date idea. You will be surprised at how much this will reconnect you with your man.



- Juhi dua

We give you a low down on the 5 top personality traits that catch the eyes of guys as very very sexy and attractive. Go get them!

1. Delicious confidence
Why delicious? Because just the right amount of confidence strikes men as extremely yummy. Men love women who know what they want, how they want it and when. They usually can't stand indecisive, under-confident- cry-baby, helpless type women. And the over confident, I-know-everything-under-this-sun type women are even more loathsome for them. So know your worth, stay away from insecurities and let your confidence reflect in the way you walk, talk and conduct yourself.

2. Happy-go-lucky outlook
Women who can travel business class in an airplane and in a general compartment in a crowded local train with the same comfort are the kind of women men are hugely appreciative of. They do like to pamper their girl once in a while, but the ability to adjust and the no-hang-ups attitude in a girl is something that leads a guy to make a long term commitment.

3. Sexy but subtle look
Too much skin show, plunging necklines, too many accessories and layers of makeup are only a few things that tell men that you are great for a fling but not for settling down with. On the other hand, they love women who wear tasteful clothes, dress sexy and smart but not over the top (fine line there) and wear makeup only to get a fresh look.

4. 'I am your equal' attitude
It's the age of equality and to expect a man to be chivalrous is fine but to expect him to take the load alone is not cool. Men undoubtedly respect women who understand this. They like women who offer to pay when out on a date (even though they may often turn down the offer), who are not overly materialistic and have a career and a career plan going for themselves. 'I want to be treated like a princess all the time' attitude does not fly with most men anymore.

5. Ability to take mundane decisions
Most men like a girl who can decide where to eat, what to eat, what to buy for a friend's birthday and what to pick for that corner in the house that looks empty. Why? Simply because men do no like taking the small routine decision such as these! They like to save their 'say' for the bigger issues like which TV channel to watch, what movie to go for and which whisky to order. Get the hint?



- Juhi dua

Your man always plans a holiday for you; you do it this monsoon for a change. Yes, calling him over for masala chai and pakodas can be fun once in a while, but stepping out and being one with the nature has its own charm which can’t be equalled with anything else. So, go ahead and explore the nature with your loved one. Here are two beautiful places you could consider for your quick romantic holiday...

1. Sajan Nature Club
If you want to taste the wild side of rains- head off to Sajan Nature club – operated by Nature Trails, off Manor-Jawhar Road. The best part about this paradise, sprawled over 20 acres is that it is just 80 kms from Mumbai, hence getting here does not get too tiring. However, do make bookings in advance, since this place gets packed during the monsoons. Tree houses, thatched huts, normal rooms and dormitories in a fascinating forest setting are your accommodation options. But if you want to heighten the romance, go for a tree house.

If you and your partner are the adventurous type, you will have a blast here, what with facilities for Kayaking in the Moho Khurd Dam, jungle walks, swimming, mountain biking, valley crossing, rappelling and fishing. Apart from sport and adventurous activities, take off on long walks against this pretty background and enjoy the scenic waterfalls and a variety of flora and fauna.

Contact the Sajan Nature Club authorities on (022) 5423586/ 5337003 for more details.

2. Malshej Ghats
This one is meant for hardcore romantics. Only they will be able to truly appreciate the beauty of the rain soaked Sahyadri Mountains draped in mist and verdant green vegetation. 140 kms away from Mumbai, Malshej Ghats are a must visit during monsoons. You could stay at the strategically located MTDC resort – Flamingoes and enjoy from here the view of most of the Malshej valley. However, do not commit the mistake of eating at MTDC. Instead, get out for long romantic walks in the rain, hand in hand, and catch a bite at other nearby resorts, hotels and road side eating joints. The highlight of your trip could be getting drenched together under one of the many gushing waterfalls here, so don’t miss this moment of your lifetime.

Bird watching is another highlight of Malshej Ghats. Numerous pink-legged European flamingoes arrive during the monsoon and breed in the waters of the Pimpalgaon-Joga Dam. Visit the dam to witness the mating dance of these birds. Apart from flamingoes, you could also get a glimpse of many other rare species of birds including the Whistling Thrush, Green Pigeon, Purple Moorhen, Pitta, and the Quail.

Call the MTDC head Office - 022 - 2202 6713 for more details on booking.

Both these weekend destinations are easy to get to, affordable and offer a lot of scope for romantic moments. Get cracking now and plan a surprise holiday for your man; you will be surprised at how much love he will shower you with, in exchange!



- Juhi dua

The art of seduction is essential not only for attracting and conquering your lover but also for keeping the flame of love and lust ignited over the years. It is an art that every woman should master for making loving more exciting and for re-inventing her way of expressing love to her beloved partner. Here are some obvious and some not so obvious tricks revealed to help you turn the heat on...

1. Spring creative surprises on him
There is a lot you can do to pleasantly surprise him. If he is usually peppy in the mornings, join him for a shower when he least expects you to and celebrate the morning. When he is back from a long day at work, you could prepare his bath for him – fill the bath tub with warm water, pour in a luxurious essential oil, some bubble bath mix and a few rose petals. Leave a love note for him next to the tub with a rose on top and preferably a glass of wine, champagne or beer. And just when he enters for a bath, walk in behind him with an intention to bathe together of course. You will be surprised at how this will get him going.

You could also let the heat build up through the day by sending him sexy pictures of you one by one or by leaving love notes for him in places he is bound to find them: his car, his brief case, inside his file and so on. By the time he gets home, he will have nothing but you on his mind.

2. Feel sexy and irresistible!
Like you are attracted to confident and well groomed men, men fall for sexy women oozing with attitude. So, spend a day splurging on your self and get the works done: waxing, hair treatment and a cut, facial, manicure pedicure, back massage and so on. Pamper yourself with just about anything that helps you feel like a million bucks. Now, get ready and wait for him. Remember, looking irresistible and being confident makes you much more desirable in the eyes of your man.

3. Choose a provocative scent
Wear a seductive scent to start on a high note in the seduction game. If you know which fragrance turns him on, wear just that. You could get more adventurous by wearing just his favourite scent to bed. Enjoy the aftermath!

4. Play fun games with each other
Give your favourite childhood games a new seductive meaning. For example, play Snakes and Ladders: every time a snake bites you, let your partner tell you what to do and each time you climb a ladder you demand your partner to do something for you and vice versa of course. Set your own rules before you get going and you will see this turn into a very seductive and fun-filled game. Now, get thinking and create your own fun games.

5. Allow him to chase you
Remember that men love to chase. Even after being married or being in long courtships, men like situations which require them to chase their woman. So, after you have got him fairly excited, back off a little and give him space to chase you. However, do not act cold as this may covey that you are backing off; just be a tease so that both of you can enjoy the chase.
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