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Kissing is a wonderful experience and one seldom forgets the sheer thrill and pleasure of the 'first kiss'. But the `first kiss' can also be a daunting moment. One is nervous and unsure about how to proceed. Try and enjoy the moment rather than wasting it by getting tensed and nervous. A few tips on how to work your way around the nervousness:

• Confidence: Lack of it shows like tears in a carpet so make sure that you have stocks replenished the moment it appears to be depleting.

• Unwind: Relax and let go of all feelings of nervousness, you are about to enjoy the most tender moment of your life, so why waste it by getting tensed?

• Eye Contact: This is essential to cultivate love and confidence. Looking your loved one in his eye while kissing is also a sign of sincerity.

• Keep Time: Kissing for a long time can be as annoying as letting go abruptly. The kiss must last long enough for you to get a response from the other person and short enough to make the person yearn for more.

• Speak: It is essential to talk while kissing your loved one. Simply kissing is not a good idea, you should be able to gauge and understand what the 'special other' has on mind.



Okay so you’ve got as far as the “first kiss” Well, congratulations. Kissing is a truly refreshing and wonderful experience. That is if you don’t have sweaty palms, nervous twitches or bad breadth. The first two can be easily overcome, but the third… You need not be hyper about kissing him for the first time. Just relax. It is a heady experience and you are right on top of the world. To make you feel a bit more confident and help you get it right here are a few do’s and don’ts.

• Be confident. You are going to kiss a person you like so make it enjoyable. Remember you need not be tensed about it.

• Just RELAX. Let go of your worries and nervousness. If you want to feel that moment you need to be relaxed.

• Do not compete for stamina and keep your lips glued. Kiss till you get a response from him. Then ease off gently. This will make him pine for more and you’ve started to rock. But take care not to pull out abruptly. It can be a major turn off.

• Look at him when you kiss. It proves your sincerity to him. This also boosts the confidence in both of you.

• Let the moment linger. You need not just thrust your tongue down the other person’s throat. A little playfulness can be exciting too. Try brushing lips at first, and then you could move on to more exciting things. Be gentle please. You need to make this a moment that will be remembered for a long time.


Men can also be shy, or apprehensive about your reactions to a kiss or an embrace. So, whether it’s about asking a guy out, initiating your first kiss or going all the way with your partner, there’s nothing wrong in making the first move. When your heart beats faster and your breast heaves with desire here are some ways to express yourself…

If you're in a relationship and haven't gotten physical yet, don’t be haughty and put your arm around him and then lean in for the kiss—he might be taken aback!! You just need to give a cue and then he’ll take it from there. Try these subtle but sure hints instead...

•Touch him on the forearm with your hand. Also, the closer you can comfortably sit or stand, the better.

• Shower him with approval and respond positively to the things he says.

• Laugh at his jokes. Look him in the eyes and smile.

• This one is very crucial. If the conversation lulls, don’t go all verbose just to fill in the silence. You'll chase the moment away, because guys generally get silent before they bust a move.

• Ask a totally provocative question like ‘are you a good kisser’. This one always works!

• Invite him over for dinner or a drink. It's the perfect setting for a romantic interlude


You’re all worked up as you anticipate the taste of something new. You close your eyes, hold your breath and wait impatiently as the moment of truth unfolds. He plants his lips on yours and you savour your first ever kiss or your ‘first’ kiss with someone new. It could be steamy, passionate and an absolutely uplifting experience. But as you go along, the spark and sizzle may start to slither away, even if love and passion reign supreme. So how do you keep the fires raging every time you part your lips?

Kissing needn’t lead to intercourse…

A kiss is not always a signal for intercourse. It’s exactly what you need, to satiate the urges of miscreant hormones. Something steamy, hot, and romantic; something intimate that will connect you to your partner. But don’t let routines adulterate the flavour of passion, extinguish the flame of ecstacy.

Listen To Your Partner’s Mood…

Pay attention to your partner's verbal signals and body language. Is he excited; is he in a happy or sad mood? Is he looking to enjoy a quite evening of winding conversation? Does he want a romantic encounter, a quickie, or an animalistic lustful rendezvous?

Creativity Can Drive Your Kisses…

Let variety be the spice of your kisses. The key lies in listening actively, and innovating patterns. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer steamy, hot French kisses or tender, soothing lip-to-lips. You need to experiment with new combinations of movements, locations and moods.

Use Your Imagination…

Half the thrill of a good kiss is the anticipation of what will follow and what this kiss means. But the anticipation comes from being experimental every time you kiss. So let your instincts do the thinking and your lips do the exploring.
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