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Time Is Money!
Too much to do in too little time? Master the art of time management using these practical tips, and make time work for you!

Activity log
How organized are you? If you are the proverbial scatterbrain, this section is a must-read. Simplify your schedule by learning how to keep an activity log.

Be Professional
Here's a checklist of attributes that every corporate 'professional' must imbibe. Ask yourself whether you have these qualities. If not it's time to buck up-for the sake of your customers, your company, your team, and most of all yourself!

Image Management
In today's world, image matters-there's no doubt about it! We tend to judge people very much from appearances or rather how they look, or rather, by the image they project, so why not 'spruce' up your?

We all have idols-they could be business icons or famous personalities from other professions, but essentially they are people who stand for something that we strongly believe. Besides these, it is good to be able to look up to someone who you can interact with at the workplace. Do you have a mentor at work name?

Attitude Rules
Do you start your day with a smile? Or do you enter the office looking all grumpy and grouchy? Well, your disposition at the beginning of the day and at all times plays an important part of your corporate success. It's all about imbibing the right attitude.

Body Language
Looks are deceiving…says who?? The mantra in the corporate world is not what you see is what you perceive. So get your act together, because everyone is watching. Here are some body language tips relevant for different work-related scenarios.

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  Time Is Money!
  Activity log
  Be Professional
  Image Management
  Attitude Rules
  Body Language

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