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If you find yourself cleaning out your desk and starting a new job every nine months to a year, the problem is you — not your boss or colleagues. You got hired because the boss thought you could do the job. But competence alone isn't enough to succeed. Be passionate about your work and take pride in it. Tossing things together at the last minute won't cut it.

Leisure: Many young employees speak about having fun at work. There's always an element of humour in a good office. Keep a thorough personality and like a good corporate citizen, remember that you work to make money for the company, not to have fun on the days between weekends.

Attitude: When you are in a doubt behave traditionally. Traditional values are still held in high esteem by most employers. Go out of your way to help people.

Protocol: Get a hang of all the internal meetings. Are they formal or informal? Is it acceptable to do other work on a laptop and occasionally check your cell phone for text messages, or would that drives the boss nuts? Have a checklist of each and every element that could matter.

Be straight forward: No one's perfect, and if you make a mistake immediately take full responsibility for it. Don't rebuke others, and certainly don't try to marsh it off on your immediate boss. Saying, "I'm sorry, my mistake. It won't happen again" will help you put all but hanging wrongdoings behind you.

Know what your role is: No one wants a whine or a yes-man, but if you fail to understand the corporate culture and if you don't know what's expected of you, you're gone. It's possible to fit in without squashing your creativity. Remember whom you work for and why.

Money isn't all: Don't create an impression that you're working just for a paycheck. Those are the hallmark of a clock-puncher and are likely to kill all chances for an appraisal. If you're extremely unsatisfied with your job that you live for the 15th and 30th of each month then it's time to start sending out résumés.

Maintain an image: Don't talk continuously about your life outside work. If you're having trouble in your personal life, keep it to one or two confidants. No one else at work needs to know — or more to the point wants to know — about your travails at home. Remember: There is no way that broadcasting your personal difficulties will improve your standing with the boss.


"To push advantages too far is neither generous nor just." | Samuel Jackson |

Why do we negotiate? It’s simple. As an infant who needed a diaper change, all you had to do was whimper, and voila—tender hands would come to the rescue. But as you grow older—it’s takes more than a whimper to get the job done. For instance while purchasing a car, you may feel that the price is too high and want to convey this fact to the salesman. Or, if your neighbour is blasting his music system, you need to get him to lower the volume. So what do you do? You negotiate, whether you like it or not. The act of negotiation snakes its way into every aspect of our daily lives. But there is ‘good’ negotiation and ‘bad’ negotiation, and the differentiating factor lies in achieving a symbiotic agreement, where all parties are satisfied.


By definition, it is a process by which we exchange information in order to find ways to satisfy the interests of ourselves and others. We negotiate for many reasons: to solve problems, to get a good price for that dream car, to reach an agreement.
Is negotiation an art?

YES, indeed! It’s a treat to watch skillful negotiation in progress. Right from the haggling trader of the barter system to today’s smooth operating executive, ‘good’ negotiators approach the game with the spirit of a challenge and adventure.

Why am i negotiating?

Every negotiator should remember to ask themselves, WHY they are negotiating in the first place. Be clear about your objectives, before plunging into a deluge of words. Otherwise you will be wasting a lot of precious time. Take the proverbial case of two kids who were fighting over one orange. It turns out when the parents asked them about the intent, one kid says he wants to make orange juice and the other wants to use the rind for cooking! In other words they have an ideal situation.


He/she is:
Confident but not arrogant
Friendly but not insincere
Focused but not rigid
Do you possess these qualities? Of course, you may not be born with these qualities but we can cultivate them easily.
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