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There are many reasons why time gets wasted and used unproductively in the workplace. Some of the most common causes of these, and simple tips to combat them, are as follows:
1. Coming in late: People with modern lifestyles typically find themselves going to bed quite late at night and therefore being unable to wake in the mornings. Thus, coming in late to work is a common workplace problem. Many employees solve this by just staying at work late, but this doesn’t give them the head start to their day only coming in early can. Try to change your timings and sleeping cycles by sleeping early one day, perhaps over a weekend. You will automatically find yourself waking early the next day.
2. Long lunches: Spending an hour on lunch is quite common but even a break of that length is enough to hamper your work flow. No, you needn’t be antisocial and eat at your desk everyday. If you must take a long lunch, try to order in instead of leaving office and going out as this will let you get back to work much quicker. Also, make it a point to take long breaks only on a few days a week, keeping in mind your work load.
3. Meetings: Meetings are some of the biggest time wasters at work. The more the people, the more the time generally wasted. Try to set a fixed time for a meeting and ensure everyone is on time – much time is wasted just herding everyone into the conference room. Try having stand-up meetings (offer no chairs to the participants). This way, people will want to wrap it up quickly and return to the comfort of their seats!


It’ 9:30 a.m., you have just arrived at work. There are tons to be completed and you are just about trying to decide which task to begin with. Before you can get to so much as hitting a key on the computer, in saunters the boss and casually tosses around a `so, what do you think of last evening’s share plunge?’

You are completely stupefied. This was the least of your worries or concerns, but now that boss has mentioned it, you cannot let it pass without adding in your own two pence worth (after all you have to be aware about current happenings). So, what do you do?

To begin with, do not get ruffled. All hell won’t break lose if you are not conversant with the nitty-gritty’s of the bullion trade.

- If boss has tossed the question at you, toss it back at him. `Yes sir, I think it was a debacle, what do you think is in store for the future?’ should suffice just fine. Shifting the focus is half the battle won.
- Be curious (not to the extent of getting yourself killed like the proverbial cat) and ask boss how did the situation affected him? Had he invested in shares? While there is an element of curiosity, it is strongly underlined with concern.
- However, if tact is not really your cuppa’, being honest and forthright too would serve just as fine. Admit that the bourses are NOT exactly your sphere of interest; however, you would appreciate a learned opinion on them.
- Have a pleasing tone while asking and a body language that tilts in favour of receiving knowledge. Unspoken words elicit stronger and better responses than their spoken counterparts.
- Listen carefully and pick up the gist of the activity. A few questions down the line, will prepare you enough to comment on the activity, so be attentive and listen carefully.

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‘Time is a fixed income and, as with any income, the real problem facing most of us is how to live successfully within our daily allotment.’ - Margaret B. Johnstone

As you proceed to read these very pearls of wisdom, the clock ticks, quietly and quickly. Precious moments of time which cannot be bought, sold, stored or leased but can only be used or wasted are passing you by. So are you using or wasting this time that you spend reading this piece? That depends on whether you choose to invest the knowledge you receive.

In the corporate world where time is money and a manager is always short of time, it is more likely that he is mismanaging it. In other words every manager in the company needs to be conscious of the concept of time management, or else this scarce resource will be wasted. As a consequence, the company, which keeps time in managing sales, production, cash or development, will inevitably score over one which doesn’t. It should be proactive and not reactionary to the dynamics of the corporate world.

No—we are not telling you to spend every waking moment in the office. Instead, why not make every moment of your office life a fruitful one?
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