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Do your colleagues at office often snigger while passing your desk? Are you often left out during those chatty coffee breaks? If the answer is yes then you probably don’t enjoy a pleasant image at work. Here are a few steps to help you get an instant 'friendly image' makeover right now.

1. Be Courteous and Contribute
You can begin by being courteous with your colleagues, greeting them, inquiring after them if they were on sick leave or even stopping by to congratulate them on a promotion. Contribute or at least listen while your colleagues are having casual discussions over lunch or coffee. If the entire office is planning to throw a surprise birthday bash for another colleague, be sure to do your bit by helping with the arrangements and contributing while buying the gift.

2. Share
Share some information about yourself with your colleagues. There is no need to get into personal details, but this gesture will show that you are interested in developing a genuine friendship.

3. Be Helpful
When colleagues ask for assistance on a project, be ready to offer some help. There is no need to take on the entire load, but some assistance will definitely go a long way in cultivating a friendly image. Also if a colleague has a genuine reason and asks to swap her off days with yours, you may want to consider helping him/her out. Be ready to offer a drop, share your food, fill in for small jobs if they are late etc. as this conveys that you care.

4. Don't bitch and backstab
No matter how tempting, avoid talking ill about your colleagues. If a colleague decides to trust you with some personal secrets, it is better to keep it to yourself as it proves that you are loyal and trustworthy. Never play dirty politics to move ahead. Backstabbing is a complete no no. Stay away from it.

5. Go out with your colleagues some times
You can get friendly with your colleagues by joining them for lunches on and off. If the entire gang is getting out for a coffee, don’t be stuck up and say no for the fear of spending. Though, getting too over friendly is not recommended so you could wriggle out of a clubbing night plan but going for bowling or a dinner or even a movie is acceptable and a great way t bond.

Having a friendly image at office will definitely create a more positive as well as a productive environment. So, work towards it and you will not regret putting in that effort.

All the best for your venture!
Substance And Style- A Power Combination?

In today's world, image is very highly rated. We tend to judge people very much from appearances or rather how they look, or rather, by the image they project. The reality is that image counts, but it has to be backed by more than just a semblance of substance.
The truly successful men in the corporate world know that it is substance that would score over style where success is concerned. Now assuming that you have the substance to back yourself up, projecting the right image will help you achieve your goals.
To spruce up your ‘image’, there are various things you can do. This includes smartening up your external image by dressing smartly, sporting a good hairstyle, smelling good and keeping clean. Where the substance is concerned you must be well-informed and up-to-date where news and business developments are concerned and also work on your communication skills. It’s a good idea to watch your role models in action and ape their style to begin with. As you go along you will find a way to be comfortable in your own skin and make the business strides to further your career.

The way you work is a direct reflection on your abilities, as well as your attitude towards your job. Even you are an efficient worker; there is always scope for improvement. Set specific targets and standards for yourself, so that you can surge ahead in the corporate world, because even though a promotion depends upon many factors, these tips will help you reengineer your attitude.
• You will experience unexpected workload very often. You need to rise to the occasion and let your positive attitude reflect your ability to take up unexpected challenges.
• Be willing to take on more responsibility. If you have less work on your platter, voluntarily ask your senior for more work. You need to be mentally occupied all the time and you need to make your boss aware of your willingness to take on more work.
• Try and be punctual and even early. Put in extra time when the situation demands it. If you are willing to stay late, it shows that you will spend the extra time to meet a deadline.
• Be a part of the picture. Propose solutions that can work for the betterment of the company.
• Letting others know what you've accomplished can surely help you get that promotion. However be sure to discuss new ideas with the right people, as somebody might steal your idea and pass it off as their own.
• The best way to impress your boss is to back up your work with statistics. Open his eyes to your accomplishments by comparing your results to what it was before.
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