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The MBTI is a corporate tool oft used to assess people’s personality types and thereby draw inferences about their working and professional styles. The MBTI tool is in the form of a questionnaire, originally designed by a mother-daughter team named Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers. The tool was designed keeping in mind the philosophy of Carl Jung as published in his book ‘Psychological Types’ (1923).
According to it, all human beings can be divided into eight basic personality types – four pairs of opposites (i.e., Introverted/Extroverted, Sensing/Intuitive, Thinking/Feeling, Judging/Perceiving). The MBTI has been criticized for lacking enough scientific backing but is yet widely and successfully used in the fields of career counseling, leadership, HR training, marriage counseling and personal development.
Although shorter, quick-fix versions of the MBTI do exist online, the tool should always be administered by a certified MBTI facilitator, as its results require explanation and interpretation and cannot be taken at face value.



The productivity of any business depends upon the level of out come from every employee. While this might not be the end of the financial year, it could be the time of the year to get your team or colleagues to think differently. So, what are you looking to change in the forth coming year?

Here are few things you should definitely go about altering.

Set new agendas.
No doubt you will suffer the brunt of everyone’s curses, but this will definitely increase the proficiency of your team. Once in a while people need a wake up call.

Interchange projects.
Sometimes people tend to get very comfortable with working on the same projects, exchanging projects will get them out of their comfort zone. This may lead to new and different view points.

Organize company learnings.
Having workshops on a regular basis will give you and your colleagues a chance to get to know one another’s plus points. This can also act as a stress buster, a relief from a continuous work schedule.

Change the work space.
Improvise with colour. Changes in the surrounding might motivate or add that extra spark to the productivity of your employees or colleagues.

Be open to change.
Every organization has certain core values and beliefs, but it’s nice to change with the times. We’re not saying to chuck all your principles out of the window, simply learn to improvise. Bending rules sometimes will help you achieve your goals. Also, be open to new technologies and human resource management.


"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it."
H.E. Luccock

Have you ever tried…

Playing a piano with even one key out of tune…

Strumming a guitar with a broken string or two…

Listening to an orchestra where even one instrument has gone out of synch…

Music to your ears? Not quite?

Well, that’s what teamwork is all about—or rather the lack of it. If even one element is out of synch, the effectiveness of the task or project at hand is destroyed.

In an organization, though each employee has a specific role to play, we cannot afford to work as islands, detached from the rest of the players in the circle. We have to incorporate the concept of a ‘team’ into our work culture—a group of individuals that are united in accomplishing a common goal.

A team is a concept that when understood and implemented well, can go a long way in accelerating the progress of an organization or completing a project at hand. It is about creating a sense of belonging among a group of individuals and cementing their dedication towards a common goal. Thus teams could be the building blocks of an organization.
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