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Our performance at work directly affects various aspects of our career, such as our job satisfaction level, career growth, promotions and so on. Hence, it almost becomes mandatory to perform well consistently at work. Here are some corporate mantras to help you excel:

1. Spruce up your communication skills
It is extremely important to listen to your colleagues while discussing work related issues. Understand their point of view, consider their suggestions, put forward your suggestions, and do clarify if you have any doubts. This will help you to avoid any misinterpretation or miscommunication on what is required. Also, never be in a rush to speak. Be open to others opinions and suggestions while working in a team.

2. Give direction to your efforts
Every week create a list of goals that need to be achieved and allot work accordingly to your team members. Create short term goals, so that they are easily achievable for you and your team. Also, set long term goals and ensure that your short term goals are leading you to your long term goals eventually.

3. Kill the procrastinator in you
Procrastination only adds to your work and makes you more stressed later. Instead, prioritize and learn to deliver and achieve within set timelines. This will ensure that you meet deadlines and will also help you to be more organized.

4. Learn to say no
If you have a choc-a-bloc work schedule, inform your boss or/and clients and firmly state that you will not be able to handle any more projects. Driven by enthusiasm, do not take on more work than you can handle as it will overburden you and lead you to miss deadlines.

5. Be a team worker
Working together as a team definitely helps increase performance as well as productivity levels. Do not be insecure, bitchy or over political. Instead, try to be a person who understands other team members and their capabilities, is helpful and accommodating and has an ability to take on additional responsibilities when required.

It’s best to have a positive image at work to be able to grow and flourish. Use these corporate mantras to get that positive image now. All the best!



In today’s world trust and faith does not come very easily. Be it a ramshackle office running a small business or be it amongst the Fortune 500 companies, fraud has become a common element in our society. Follow these simple, practical steps to protect your company from fraud.

1. Set an ethical tone that starts from the top

Every company needs a written code of conduct that reflects their corporate ethics. The management should master a code to heart and demonstrate their commitment through their actions. Like any aspect of corporate culture, expectations regarding ethical behaviour need to be communicated, understood, and supported from the top to bottom.

2. Establish regular fraud detection procedures

Regular internal auditing procedures specifically designed to detect major fraud are valuable tools. Simply having these procedures discourages employees from committing fraud in the first place. Recent events have illustrated the importance of having a strong internal audit function that watches out for fraud.

3. Have a hotline

A confidential, 24/7 hotline operated by a third-party professional is your best option for uncovering fraud. Companies are now legally required to have a way for employees to anonymously submit their concerns. A hotline is the ideal tool, helping you to identify issues early, investigate them and take action.

4. Educate employees about fraud

Start using tools like posters in break rooms, town-hall meetings and employee newsletters to continually talk about ethical behavior. It is best to use a mixture of media to reach your key audiences, employees and suppliers. You can even educate them on identifying and preventing fraud and encourage their involvement in bringing illegal or unethical behavior to light.

5. Have Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) on staff

Detecting fraud is not an easy task, and special training can help. The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners offers training courses on the art of uncovering fraud and a certification program for anti-fraud professionals. Your internal audit staff should be educated on the latest techniques for detecting fraud by taking these courses, and some or all should study to become Certified Fraud Examiners. Alternatively, draw on independent CFEs who can assist your company.

6. Involve your suppliers in your fraud detection efforts

Vendors and suppliers can be a valuable source for providing tips on potential misconduct. Offer the employees of your key suppliers to access the same hotline you provide internally, so that they also have the means to confidentially report any concerns. Once you receive a tip from a supplier, you can look for a paper trail to validate the allegation.

7. Take every tip seriously and investigate

Once any tip is received, it's critical that it gets to the right people within your company and is thoroughly investigated. This way, every tip is documented, acted upon, or even prosecuted. It really doesn't matter who made an allegation; what matters is whether or not it is true.

8. Decide who will be notified about tips

Companies handle anonymous tips in a variety of ways. The best way to handle hotline tips is to have your hotline provider do a sort of triage to determine where the tips are sent. For example, allegations of discrimination should be sent to both your HR department and your legal department, while allegations of fraud should be sent to both your internal audit department and a representative of your board's audit committee.

9. Conduct background checks

This is a simple action that can prevent you from hiring someone who has a history of stealing from employers. No hiring effort is so urgent that this step can be skipped, because creating an ethical environment begins with hiring the best possible employees. If there is an incident in the candidate's past, it is best to know about it from the start, so you can decide if it is an issue.

10. Have oversight by a member of senior management and the board

Fraud is the great unmanaged risk, exposing companies to costly and potentially catastrophic losses. A senior member of management should be tasked with implementing fraud risk assessment and fraud risk management activities. The board should oversee this effort to ensure it is done thoroughly.

By following these simple tips, you can reduce fraud and its financial impact on your company.
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