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When it comes to parties, we like to dress whacky and wild or dress up in whatever we may fancy. But dressing up for office parties can be a bit trickier, as we must look fairly glamorous yet dignified. Here are a few tips to help you get just the right look:

1) Accessorize
If you have no time to change for the party, you need not worry as accessories can come to your rescue. Even if you are wearing your boring old formal black trousers and a plain shirt, you can jazz them up by adding a snazzy metallic belt, a chunky neck piece, some dangling earrings and voila you are transformed into the party queen. Guys can wear a funky belt, gel up their hair and wear stylish lounge shoes, if it suits them.

2) Change your Style
If you usually go to office in simple salwar kameezes, you can change your style by wearing a knee length skirt or a dress. Or wear slim jeans with a smart top or a kurti. Guys who mostly wear formal self coloured shirts can go in for either funky T-shirts or party shirts. When your colleagues see you in completely different attire, it will definitely create an impact.

3) Don't go over the top
When opting for a change of style, remember never to go over the top. Avoid extremely low neck tops or really short outfits as this might lead to creating a negative impact. Guys too can avoid body fitting Tees or dangerously low jeans. Do wear them if you like, but not at the office parties.

4) Look presentable
Remember that this is an office party and hence it is important to look presentable. Even if you are not into bronzers and eye shadows, a little make up can always work to your advantage. Just a dash of glossy lip stick and eyeliner can do wonders for your look. Guys can just keep their look neat with a cool haircut and a fresh shave. For both men and women, do not forget that last minute spray of perfume.

5) Wear a stunning smile
Nobody wants to be around a serious or a boring person especially at parties, so don that smile at all times and you'll see how people flock to your side. Finally don't be overtly conscious of your clothes, be comfortable in what you are wearing. Always carry whatever you are wearing with ease and confidence. Enjoy the party!



If you’re attending an office party you might want to avoid checking your professional reputation along with your coat. An office party gives you the opportunity to celebrate the holidays or other occasion with your co-workers. You should have fun, but be careful about having too good a time.

Follow these 10 guidelines and you'll be able to return to the office with your head held high.

1) Don't Drink Too Much
Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and alters your judgment. It can make you do things you may regret. Even if you think you can handle your alcohol quite well, one mixed drink or a glass of wine at the office party should be your limit. Remember, perception is everything. You don't want to look like you're drinking too much, even if alcohol has little effect on you.

2) Don't Treat The Office Party Like A Singles Bar
An office party gives you a chance to see another side of your co-workers. However, you shouldn't try to get to know any of them too well. A co-worker may suddenly look a lot more appealing under bar lights than cubicle lights. Ignore your animal instincts. Workplace romances — or worse, one night stands — can be disastrous.

3) Don't Flirt Or Act In A Sexually Provocative Manner
Your flirting may be entirely innocent but the message it sends to your colleagues isn't innocent. If you want to be respected on a professional level you should save this side of yourself for parties with friends.

4) Don't Wear Suggestive Clothing
If you wouldn't wear it to the office, you shouldn't wear it to the office party. Of course, your clothes can be more festive than those you wear to work but they shouldn't be revealing.

5) Don't Let Your Guard Down
People tend to relax at office parties. When relaxed, we let our guards down and reveal things about ourselves we don't want our co-workers to know. Alcohol may contribute to this too.

6) Don't Tell Dirty Or Off-Color Jokes
This rule holds true in or out of the office. Dirty or off-color jokes may be offensive to others so avoid telling them.

7) Don't Use Foul Language
You may feel so comfortable at the office party that you forget you're really at work. Keep bad language in check as it could make you look unprofessional.

8) Don't Talk About People Behind Their Backs
Just because someone is absent from the office party it doesn't give you reason to talk about him behind his back. In addition to the fact that it's just not nice, this person's friends may be present and word could get back to him.

9) Don't Bring Uninvited Guests
Often office parties are for employees only. Don't assume it's okay to bring your significant other or someone else without asking first.

10) Don't Underestimate The Importance Of Your Guest's Behavior
If it's okay to bring a guest, choose wisely. Invite someone who will behave appropriately. That means he or she will have to follow the same rules you are expected to follow.



If there's a party you can't miss this evening, but feel that you might just get caught late at work, run through the 5-minute party changeover routine. You won't need to miss the party. In fact you might turn a few heads instead!!!

Five one-minute essentials:

• Brush your teeth
• Run styling mousse/gel through your hair to give it fresh look.
• Add an accessory, a blazer, coat/sleeveless jacket, sport-tie (pre-tied) OR chunky jewellery accessories to match a leather jacket.
• Polish your shoes (carry a handy shoe wax).
• Spray enough deodorant.

Bonus tips!!! Make sure you wear dark colours to work today. What you must carry to work today: tooth brush/paste, styling gel/mousse, comb/brush, deodorant, evening accessories – jacket/jewellery. To keep body odour away it will help if you shave your underarms the day-before.

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