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Very often employees feel that they are being under paid for their jobs. It may or may not be true; however asking for a raise usually is a tricky situation, especially during an economic slow down. If you are going to ask for a raise during this current phase of global recession, you must tread the path very carefully.

1. Prepare your case
Make a mental list of your accomplishments, contributions to the organization and your responsibilities in the day-to-day functioning of the organization. Also make a note of any additional roles or responsibilities that you may be handling and any recent crisis situations that you may have helped in easing out. All this will help you with your negotiations and in validating why you deserve a raise.

2. Research job market
Find out how much people in your field earn in other competitive companies. Also ,find out about the salaries of people within your organization with similar job profiles. But, do so very discreetly as inquiring about others salaries openly is clearly unethical and uncalled for.

3. Follow right procedure
Select the right person to communicate your message. It could be your supervisor or your department head. Select someone who can actually work with your request and communicate your message to seniors well.

4. Be realistic
Be realistic with your appraisal and do not get carried away. Communicate your expectations clearly to your manager but do not be rigid. Keep space for negotiations in your demand and request for appraisals that your manager can consider. Also, if the company has a temporary policy of no appraisals or promotions, settle for alternatives like stock options or holidays or some other perks.

5. Continue to work diligently
Be sincere in your work and in your contribution. Incase if you have a disagreement with your manager do not let it show in your work. This will only work against your appraisal demands.

Some don’ts while asking for an appraisal
1. Do not be nervous to ask for what you want as this is likely to give an impression to your boss that you are not clear about your expectations.
2. Do not shout, yell or let work get affected if your request is not fulfilled by your manager. Be calm in putting your request across.
3. While negotiating, never compare other employees and their salaries. Do not question ‘why is the other person being paid more than you are’. Just stick to your needs.
4. If your boss does not concede, ask him/her for the reason that your demand is being turned down. Ask you boss for another option if possible. Discuss with your employer as to what you can do to get an appraisal. Set targets together.


Got Your Appraisal? Now What?

Appraisals involving a new pay package/designation take into account your previous performance and based on certain expectations that the company has from you in the year ahead. So whether you are happy, moping or waiting for the appraisal, this is the time of the year that you should be setting your career goals/objectives for the year ahead. Questions to ask:

  • How much more money do I want to make?

  • money important to me at this stage of my career?
  • Do I like what I’m doing right now? What is it that I would ideally like in
        my job profile?
  • Is there a role or position that I want to aim for by my next appraisal?
  • What are my weak points that I must overcome to achieve my

    Be brutally honest to yourself, and equally do not hesitate in being ambitious and truly chalk out what you want. Once you have identified where you would like to be headed:
  • Write down the steps of how you can achieve it.

  • Discuss your goals and ambitions with trusted superiors and get
        advice on what they would expect of you, and what you need to do to
        achieve them. That way you would have bought them into your plan.
  • Try and get a quarterly review after that.

    Remember that it is not at the end of the year, but through the year output that will help you achieve what you want. So it is important that once you have set your career goals you do a review for yourself every month, and that you do not lose site of your goals. This way you will make sure that your next appraisal is exactly or more than what you expect.
    Footnote: If you feel that you have got an appraisal that is unfair, make it a point to discuss with your superiors. Find out where they found you lacking and get tips on how you can make up. Request for a review in 3 months. If you are good at what you do the company will be open to doing the review.


    So how do mere mortals turn into corporate warriors?
    Is there a magic formula that will turn yours into a success story?
    Obviously there isn’t any…Besides working hard, networking and having a vision, there are qualities you can imbibe within yourself, so as to advance towards the horizon of success.

    Am I Eager To Learn? They say that curiosity kills the cat…but a cat has nine lives. Don’t be afraid to read, study, research, be curious and question. Be proactive, apply the lessons you learn.
     Do I Give Up Easily? Success needs patience. Be persistent. If one thing fails, try another.
     Am I Creative? We don’t mean that you need to have artistic inclinations or play an instrument! But try new combinations and permutations. Exercise your imagination. Look beyond what’s obvious. Don’t be clichéd, and hackneyed in your ideas. Discard what is already tried and tested. Be a trendsetter, a trailblazer.
     Do I Fee Accountable For My Actions? It’s important to feel accountable! Take a risk…but be responsible about it, or you will lose your credibility. Besides, it’s the only way to get a raise and a promotion!
     Am I Conscious Of Timing? No, we are not talking about being punctual in office everyday. No, this is about implementing decisions at the right time. Understand that timing is what can turn the tide in your favour, during a crisis or even a potential crisis. So, get your act together and speed up the rise on the corporate ladder!


    Boredom, a growing corporate phenomenon is fast claiming unsuspecting victims. Misconstrued as a harmless passing fancy, the mental state has nipped careers of many-a-creative geniuses in the bud. Boredom and its lethal aftereffects have spammed a generation of uninspired and unmotivated youngsters who seem to be eating into existing productivity.

    All of us suffer from boredom once in a while (including the most dedicated firefighters) when lethargy sets in. However things get out of control when ennui (tedium) gains precedence over other activities. While some of the most common causes of boredom can be monotony in job, uninspiring targets and a `routine', it can also be triggered off by excessive work pressures and unrelenting deadlines.

    Boredom can be broadly categorized as psychological (that which can be treated with counseling) and pathological and chronic (which requires medication).
    Overcoming boredom at work:
    • Identify the triggering factors that lead to boredom and work your way around these.
    • If you are mulling over goals that are already achieved, about time you set new ones.
    • Take interest in what you are doing; pursue an activity that you are interested in.
    • Cultivate hobbies that break monotony.
    • Be tolerant and patient instead of getting frustrated with delays.
    'Professionalism'-Do You Have What It Takes?

    What distinguishes a Van Gogh from a dozen other oils on canvas?
    What gives a successful entrepreneur the winning edge?
    What makes consumers put all their faith into one brand over any other?
    And what can help you carve a niche for yourself in the world of business?

    It's the stamp of professionalism that separates the one-time-wonders from those that weather time, trends and recessions.

    Think, Think, Think.
    Ambition, vision, mission. These are buzzwords that can sometimes blind us because we romanticize the idea of success. What really matters is whether YOU can be a pioneer. Don't procrastinate; make a plan, no matter how short term to carry out your 'own' set of professional objectives. As you ascend the corporate ladder, you will have to take the lead with people and ideas.

    Feel Accountable
    For your actions, to both customers and coworkers. And of course the quintessential factor is courage! A person without courage is like the night without stars.

    Get Others To Think
    We are talking about your team and co-workers. Do you prefer to be the solitary reaper or garner the support of others? Closely, scrutinize the strengths and weaknesses of your team members, and hand out the task list according to this. Acknowledge them for a task well-done and get them to pitch in during decision making. Of course if they are lazy, egotistic and unprofessional you might have to strive a lot harder. Make HRD a personal mission. That's your best bet.
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