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Don't follow trends blindly. It would be foolhardy to jump into a `happening' career's bandwagon. Once in, you may realise that it is too crammed up inside. Follow your instinct and let your primary likes and dislikes be the sole guiding factors while choosing careers as well as making a job switch or aspiring for a slot within your current organisation. Remember that there is no sense being the stereotype doctor, engineer, MBA, etc. Explore all the avenues, you will be surprised by your discoveries. What is important is that you should be able to exploit your core skills and aptitudes. So while one should not lose touch with reality, it will pay to be different.


Job insecurities are a prime concern in today's times when one can never be too sure about job status the next moment. The gnawing depression coupled with the sudden surge and slump in the cyber world has spawned many riches to rags stories and threatens to do so. Being prepared for eventualities is the best way to deal with such challenging situations. A key to restructure and fortify prime areas:

Savings: This may seem like the most obvious area, but unfortunately most of us forget to set aside a bit for the rainy day. Ideally one should have enough savings to last three months. Saving for longer periods will help in boosting confidence levels which in turn will help you scout for the `right' job instead of merely settling for something that comes your way.

Keep working: Yes, losing hope can be more disastrous than losing employment. So long as you keep you chin up and work through the odds it will be a matter of days before you can start off again, so keep a cheerful outlook.

Don't lose track: Desperation could lead the less resolute to accept jobs and assignments that severely undermine capabilities. It is advisable to avoid jobs that do not exploit or confirm to professional qualifications.
Is This The Best Time To Change Your Job?

Planning a job change--AGAIN? Is the timing right? Ask yourself these questions…

1. Has your career reached a plateau in terms of learning & vertical growth in the organisation?
2. Is your organisation facing severe economic/financial crunch and there is fear of job-cuts and the prospects of salaries not being paid in time?
3. The organisation is going through a change in ownership and career prospects under the new set-up seem nil?
4. You have lost the confidence of your superiors and there are no chances of being accommodated in an alternate position.
5. Is your industry going through a meltdown or downswing?
6. You want to acquire a new set of skills/experience?
7. Do you want to migrate abroad?
8. Is your spouse transferred to another location and do you want to be with her/him?

Well, if the answer is yes to one or more of these questions…then you know it is time to start mailing your resume!
So how do organizations view the job-hopping tendencies of their prospective employees?

Senior Posts

Top-notch posts demand anywhere from 8-10-15 years experienced candidate with 2-4 job changes. This is because organisations feel that the candidate would have had a wider and more diverse experience across industries / companies. Further, such candidates would have had the experience to work under different organisational cultures and different teams/professionals.


A time-spend of 2-3 years in an organisation is considered to be the bare minimum for a candidate to have spent in any organisation, to gather experience in relative field. But in certain circumstances the recruiters might select candidates who have worked for very brief periods of time if they possess rare and currently in great demand experience/skill-sets.

Job-hopping? Good luck!
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