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Does that little scratch on your car irritate you every time you want to go out for a spin? Do you wish you could do something about it without shelling out a bomb for getting your car touched up at a garage? These 5 simple steps help you carry out a touch up job on your car yourself without any hassles.

1) Practice: Take a little time and practice on a metal surface before you actually apply the paint to the car. This gives you a feel for the paint beforehand. Practice with several light coats instead of one heavy coat.

2) Match the paint: Match the paint colour with the paint on your car before you start painting. It’s not very clever to start painting and then check for colour matching. If it fails, you will be left with more work than you originally had.

3) Primer: Use a primer to make the paint stick to the car surface. Primers are built to stick to the car surface, while the paint sticks to the primer. So get the right primer to make your paint stick. You don’t want your hard work peeling off in a while, do you?

4) Wipe the surface: Wipe the surface you are going to paint to remove the dust and other particulate matter before you start painting. You don’t want your hard work marred by lumps!

5) Painting conditions: Make sure you don’t paint when it is too hot or too cold. Wet conditions also affect the final paint effect. Ideally, you should paint indoors in a closed space. A garage is the best bet.

There you go! These simple steps ensure that you don’t have to take your car out to get it painted for every small scratch!

Your four-wheel drive is not exactly a Merc or a BMW, but that does not mean you compromise when it comes to giving it a makeover. Today, there are several fly-by-night car garages that promise over-the-top makeovers at competitive prices. However, you need to make sure that you're not being taken for a ride. There are things you must keep in mind while choosing a garage:

1. Reputation Matters

Make sure that the garage you go to has a good reputation, not only in the neighbourhood but also with its clients. Make a background check on the garage – how long has it been around (the older the better), is their service prompt, what about after service care, etc.
2. Are They The Experts?

In fashion, most designers are known for their particular line of clothes. If Ritu Kumar is the high priestess of bridal wear, Rajesh Pratap Singh is the king of couture for men. Similarly, choose a garage that has relevant expertise for your type of car. One that deals primarily with Maruti may not exactly be equipped to give your Honda a makeover!
3. Play the Field

There is nothing wrong in visiting several garages and finally picking the one that you think will meet your requirements. Remember, you probably have a budget for your car's makeover. See that the garage can give you the best makeover within your budget. A good way to determine this is by getting a detailed price quote from the garage.
4. Are They Recommended?

More often than not, you're likely to be recommended to a garage that your friend has been to and is satisfied with. If so, that one is tried and tested and is a safe bet. So, trust your friend's judgment and go ahead with the recommended garage.
5. Gut Instinct

OK, this one may seem a tad vague, but ultimately it's all about your gut instinct. If there's a new kid on the block who is into car makeovers and you like what you see of his work, just go with him. Give the kid a chance! For all you know, you'll get a complete new concept for your car's makeover that will be radically different and better from all the other ideas out there.
Go ahead. Get that makeover but ensure that you don't have to regret it!

Brake failures can prove to be disastrous when on the road. Watch out for the Signs…

• If your car starts squealing, it’s due to excessive heating of brake pads or linings.
• Rubbing trouble? This is the result of the metal brake rotor rubbing against the metal component of the brake pad. This sound means that the brake pad is completely worn away.
• Brake pedal gone soft? This indicates that there may be a brake fluid leak or air in the lines.
• A brake pull indicates worn linings, stuck pistons in the calipers or wheel cylinders, or saturated linings (caused by grease or brake fluid).

Keep this checklist with you as your technician does a brake maintenance checkup.
• The fluid levels must be checked.
• Check the line for rust or punctures.
• Scrutinize the brake hoses for brittleness or cracking.
• Check the brake linings and pads for wear, brake fluid or grease.
• Check the wheel bearings and grease seals.
• Adjust the parking brake as required.
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