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Storing YouR Car for A Long Time

Without getting into boring detail, here are the basics of good long-term storage:

Rule of Thumb: Vehicles are always better off being driven on a regular basis.

1. If storing is unavoidable, then make sure that the wind canít get to your car. Ideally use car covers when storing indoors (i.e. in a garage)

2. Rather than start and run your car for a few minutes every week, a better option would be to let it be for a few months. You do more damage to your car as your engine and other parts arenít warmed up enough and this leads to condensation.

3. Before storage, be sure to clean your car. Externally, wash your car and wax it. The interiors should be cleaned too.

4. A good idea would be to leave a little space with the window glass to let some air circulate.

5. Give the car a good run and get it fully warmed up right before storage.

6. Change the oil and filter, and brake fluid right before storage. Make sure the oil is as fresh as possible.

7. After parking the car in the place itís going to sit, remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place.

8. Do NOT put your car on jack stands or blocks under the frame. This lets the suspension droop and puts the springs and bushings in an unnatural state.

Be sure you garage is free from pests like rats. They can get under your car cover or sheets and even in the glove box or inside the seats and make nests.
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