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Top Ten Tips to Winter-ize Your Car

The colder months of the year can take their toll on your car. You wouldn't head out into cold weather without bundling up with proper accessories. Similarly your vehicle also faces similar challenges as temperature drops. But a few simple preventative measures will keep your car looking good and protect it.

Cold weather affects battery efficiency. Most cold-weather breakdowns occur because batteries aren't delivering full cranking power. Also make sure that your battery cables are corrosion-free.
In severe winter temperatures, you may have to change the grade of your engine oil. Check your owner's manual for the viscosity grade recommended for your vehicle's engine.
Check your wiper blades. Cold temperatures can make blades brittle, and ice on the windshield can cause nicks in the blades, decreasing performance.
If you're planning a trip, take a blanket, extra-warm clothing, a collapsible shovel, a bag of road salt and an extra bottle of windshield washer fluid.
Put on snow tires if you live in major snow belt areas. Check your owner's manual for details and recommended practices. Tires marked "M + S" ( "mud and snow" tires), also known as "all-season" tires, provide safe all-weather performance.
Cold weather reduces tire pressure, so check tire pressure often. See your owner's manual for directions and details.
Make sure your vehicle’s exhaust system has no leaks. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and can accumulate quickly in closed vehicles.
Keep the windshield washer reservoir filled with antifreeze solvent.
Brakes should be checked and serviced if necessary. Even braking on all four wheels will lessen the chance of skids on slippery roads.
Emergencies can happen when you least expect them, so be sure to carry winter survival gear in your vehicle.
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