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By Sunila Karir

If someone had told us that hours in front of the TV or computer would lead to bad hair, TV would have long been out of fashion. Surreal but true that these activities cause poor blood circulation to the head and with added stress of work, studies and bad posture, it can lead to dull and lifeless hair. Here are a few simple exercises which will improve blood circulation to your hair.

1. Touch your toes
Isn’t this an exercise to get inches off your waist? Well, you’ll be surprised that it works as well for your hair too. Stand with your feet apart and breathe in and out slowly. As you breathe in, lift both arms at the same time, stretching them upright and gradually, while bringing them down, release your breath and try touching your toes. Count five, without breathing in. Once done, gradually breathe in while coming up, taking your arms upright again. While standing straight, gently place your arms on your sides while breathing out. Do this exercise six times in a day.

2. Play tug of hair
Stand straight with your feet apart and breathe in and out slowly. Lean forward and gently grasp hair close to your scalp. Tug gently…very gently and firmly and relax your grip. Tug once again. Do this about three or four times and do it to all parts of your hair.

3. Go upside down
If you didn’t learn how to do a headstand when you were in school, now is the time to learn it. A headstand improves blood circulation to hair making it healthier. For those of you, who cannot do a headstand, try this alternative…lie down on the bed and lift up your legs in a 90 degree position. For those of you, who are really lazy, you can take support of the wall. This posture improves circulation to hair.

4. Neck it
Stand straight, place your hands on the hips and look straight ahead. Now slowly turn your head to the right and then to the left five times. Make sure that your movements are slow and gradual. Look straight once again. And repeat this exercise, this time turning your head upwards and downwards. After this, roll your head in the clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

5. Sleepover
Another good and easy exercise is to lie down on the bed with your neck hanging out beyond the mattress, slightly below the level of your body. But while doing this make sure your neck has adequate support. Most of these exercises can be done even when you are watching TV. So, go ahead and workout to get lovely tresses.



By Tanya Munshi

A head massage is a tonic and a much needed relaxant for your head and hair. If you ever get a chance, don’t miss out on a nice relaxing head massage from a good hair salon. Here are three major benefits of head massage therapy…

1. Stress killer – prevents hair loss
Stress is known to be one of the main culprits behind hair loss. Be it stress at work or at home, the physical and mental strain does have an effect on the health of our hair. During an extreme case of stress like an accident or an emotional disturbance, one can suffer form a hair loss condition known as the telogen effluvium, where the active hair follicles suddenly go into a regression stage. This stage is then followed by the resting phase, where the hair growth remains passive for a while eventually leading to hair fall. Getting a hair oil massage helps relieve that stress and strain on the head, neck and the back region creating a sense of well being, in turn inducing good sleep and of course bringing your hair back to life.

2. Blood circulation – promotes hair growth
Stress and sweat are also known to harden the scalp and the sebum in the hair tends to harden. This is where a head massage comes handy followed by a good hair wash to promote blood circulation and hair growth. If done in the right technique, head massage encourages proper blood circulation in the scalp there by leading to strengthening of the hair roots. This in turn acts as a catalyst to promote hair growth.

3. Hair oil - Nutrition for the hair
Using the correct hair oil conditions the scalp, thereby preventing dry or scaly scalp that leads to dandruff. Hair oil also provides the much needed nutrition to the hair, preventing or delaying hair from going rough and brittle. It adds life to your hair by conditioning and lubricating your scalp.

So, fix an appointment with your hair salon today and get your dose of a much needed head massage..


These offbeat eatables are not just good to taste but make your hair more lustrous too!

Mayonnaise: Apply a handful to your hair, let it set for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off. You can even wear a shower cap or wrap a warm towel around it to really deep condition your scalp. Use lemon slices to strip it all off your hair – make sure you get it all off or your hair will just get greasy. When used right, mayo leaves your hair shiny and smooth.

Vinegar: Vinegar is also a good conditioner for hair and also prevents head lice due to its strong smell. Use it the same way as mayo, and remember to use lemons to strip it off your hair.

Olive oil: This is an especially useful conditioner for people with a hair fall problem. Olive oil curbs hair fall by making your hair stronger. Once a week, warm some oil and apply from root to tip for stronger strands.


Long and beautiful hair has always been symbolic of a woman’s beauty. Every woman aspires for long, thick hair. But to flaunt a beautiful mane, a lot of regular hair care is required. Hair cannot be made beautiful by beauty aid alone. It requires a well balanced and nutritive diet too.

Here are a few simple yet useful tips on appropriate diets for your hair:
• If you want beautiful long hair, you will have to pay attention to your diet. The food you consume has a direct bearing on the health of your hair. The fresh items in the food certainly stimulate faster and healthy growth of hair.
• If you are one of those who take in a nutritive diet and consume plenty of water, there is no need for you to take in any additional vitamins. Your fibrous foods can include fruits and salads. Stay away from soups and juices.
• A balanced diet should include proteins, vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fats. Absence of even one of these could cause damage to the hair. Your hair turning grey is the first signs that your diet lacks proteins. Inadequacy of vitamin A makes hair dry and rough. Lack of vitamin C results in retarding your hair growth.
• Vitamin B lends shine to the hair and increases their density. Make sure that your diet contains all these essential nutrients.

Listed below are few salad recipes you could use which could prove beneficial for hair growth.

Seasonal Fruit Salad
Take some seasonal fruits like watermelon, sweet melon, papaya, pomegranate, pineapple, banana and cherries. Cut their pulp into small pieces. Remove seeds. Sprinkle black salt and eat chilled.

Beetroot-Potato Salad
Cut beetroot, cucumber, boiled potato, paneer (cottage cheese) and tomato into small pieces. Mix them with grated cabbage. Add fresh lemon juice, salt and pepper to one’s taste and serve.

Germinated Salad
Soak some pulses like moong (yellow lentil) and black gram overnight. When germinated, add tomato, small bits of onion, coriander leaves, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.


Even though natural texture and the rate at which your hair grows cannot be changed by what you eat, you can improve the way it looks and feels by switching over to a nutritious, well balanced, protein rich diet.

Eat: Low fat fish, chicken, pulses like dals and sprouts.

Increase intake of low cholesterol, polyunsaturated oils such as margarine, sunflower oil, fruits and foods rich in Vitamin B.
Eat: Foods rich in vitamin B, raw vegetables, pulses, wholemeal bread, brown rice, liver, bananas, nuts and oily fish. A supplement of Vitamin E capsules will also help.
Avoid: Salty and fatty cheeses.

This condition stems from over secretion of the sebaceous glands.
Eat: Lots of green leafy vegetables, salads, fresh fruits, yoghurt, baked and grilled dishes.
Avoid: Fried and greasy foods, milk products and red meat.

Plenty of vegetables and fresh fruits.
Avoid: Butter, cheese and deep fried foods.

Foods rich in minerals - green vegetables, nuts, lentils, wholegrain cereals, shrimps, oily fish and milk.

Eat: Fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and vitamin A rich foods.
Avoid: Dairy products, spicy food, piping hot food and animal fat.

Does your hair look unhealthy and lack luster?
• Start using conditioners regularly.
• It is Important that you also rinse off the conditioner thoroughly after wash.
• A easy way to get the shine back in your hair is to use tea-water as a rinse or use a mug or two of water to which you’ve added juice of half a lemon/or a table spoon of cooking white vinegar as a final rinse.
• You will feel the difference.


It helps to use a hair conditioner regularly. And while you look for the best brand to buy, you could try this one at home. Soak half a cup of rose petals in hot water for some time. Take half a mashed banana (full if you have long tresses), one table-spoon honey, and a tablespoon of coconut/olive oil. Blend all the four ingredients tin a blender. Massage well into your hair and scalp, and leave the conditioner on for about half an hour. If you can wrap a warm towel around your head the conditioner will have a better effect. Make sure that you wash off conditioner thoroughly with shampoo.

Regular massage of fresh amla mashed to a paste will do wonders. The application of this paste will improve the colour of hair (delay the process of greying), prevent your hair from falling and moreover has a cooling effect on the entire system.
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