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  Body Basics -shahnaz husain on the essence of good grooming…
Shahnaz Husain On
The Essence Of Good Grooming…

Herbal Beauty Professional Shahnaz Husain writes…

To my mind, a special woman has that undefinable quality that sets her apart from others. A woman does not have to be a raving beauty to be admired. In fact, a truly attractive woman has more than just physical appeal. She has that something ‘special’ that is actually a subtle blend of many attributes…….. good grooming, good taste, poise, flair, grace, elegance and individuality.

Top of this list is physical fitness. This will encourage a style that is all her own. A combination of physical and personal attributes gives a real boost to self-confidence, the quality that helps us to project ourselves in the best possible way and this is not inherited. It is learnt and cultivated. A sense of accomplishment can also give self-confidence. To be a special person, you have to be “somebody”. Today, more and more women are stepping out of their homes to earn a living, make a career and establish their own identity. And, never before have so many opportunities been available to women. Yes, a measure of success in the outside world goes a long way in building a positive self-image. This can come through the profession or vocation, or through creative talents. I think every person has a facet, an interest, a talent or ability that can be developed. Even a hobby can add a dimension to the personality; itcan help to open up a whole new world.

I lay strong emphasis on individuality. A person must get to know herself first and be aware of herself as somebody separate and distinct from others. An honest self-appraisal can help, so that you can learn about your assets and drawbacks and learn to make the most of them. There are innumerable examples of women who actually turned their drawbacks into assets, by projecting an individual quality. In other words, one can make the most of oneself by enhancing personal and physical qualities to project a look that is both attractive and exclusive.

Somehow, many of us do not feel comfortable unless we look like everybody else around us! The pressure to conform exists all the time, through advertisements and magazines. But, following current trends, without imagination and creativity, can make you look like a product from a factory. Some women find it safe to conform. Of course, a blatant effort at looking different is not the aim. I think you can create your own brand of attractiveness that is subtle and elusive, with a kind of anonymous quality that is difficult to pinpoint.


About The Writer

Shahnaz Husain is the pioneer of herbal care in India where herbal beauty care today is fashioned after the treatments and products devised by her. With a crusader’s zeal she has taken the Indian herbal heritage to every corner of the globe, achieving unprecedented international acclaim. Today, she heads the largest organization of its kind in the world, with an integrated system of more than 400 franchise clinics in India and abroad, supported by ranges of Ayurvedic formulations. She has been in the business for 32 years.
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