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Oily Scalp

Q: I have always been under the impression that if you have dandruff you have dry hair. However, I do have dandruff but I have very oily hair. I need to wash my hair everyday in order for it to be oil free. Please assist me in my hair care routine as I do not know what type of shampoo I should use - the one for dandruff or the one for oily hair.

A: For oily hair wash it more frequently. Avoid putting conditioner on the scalp and if possible use henna as a conditioner only for half an hour.

Q: If I wash my hair on Sunday then till Thursday my hair becomes oily and sticky as if I have put a lot of oil on it. Please help me as I don’t know what to do.

A: I suppose the shampoo you are using is wrong. It has got a lot of conditioner that is why they start looking sticky.

Q: Hi! I have a very strange problem. My scalp is oily and hair, very dry. So no matter what I use it's never right for my hair. Can u advice me as to how do I solve this prob? Amola

A: It is not a strange problem. It is very common nowadays. Use normal hair shampoo and use conditioner or serum only on the hair.

Q: I use Sunsilk black to wash my hair. Of late my scalp gets oily very fast. As early as the same evening or next day after shampooing. My hair is a bit scanty & straight. So they really look flat once the scalp is oily. That is why I try to avoid using conditioners. But the problem is if I don't condition them they look quite dry & frizzy. HELP

A: Instead of using Sunsilk black shampoo shift to the pink or the yellow one. You don’t need a conditioner at all. Use serum on hair but not on the scalp. Is that beautician also a doctor if not consult a dermatologist

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