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Hair fall

Q: My hair is straight and nice. But my hair is falling very much. Please give me suggestions.

A: You are losing hair because of the length of it. Go for a nice balanced cut.

Q: I have thick hair, but in the past few months am facing a lot of hair loss. Do I need a balanced diet or what?

A: Have you got some dandruff problem? If yes, work to control your dandruff.

Q: Hi Jawed, I am in early 20's and my hair is falling like a hell. I am also taking some Homeopathic prescription "LYCOPODIUM 200" but no difference. Help! Thanks, Javaid (Kashmir)

A: Homeopathic medicines wonít do wonders to your hair. I think you need to have a short cut.

Q: My hair is very dry and I am losing hair at a fast rate, what to do please tell. Thank you.

A: Moisture is missing from your hair that is why they look very dry and unhealthy. You can use black Sunsilk and recently launched Sunsilk hair conditioner. It is not very expensive.

Q: Hair fall, unhealthy hair. My query is about serve hair fall whenever I comb my hair. I started using Pantene volume fullness shampoo and also a Biotique conditioner for softness and bouncing hair. Pls advice me what oil to put and how I can have healthy and bouncy hair. At present I use Himalaya hair oil

A: I think you have long hair and are not using a shampoo which is meant for your type of hair. Avoid using conditioners and use shampoo that is meant for normal to oily maybe Sunsilk pink or yellow. Oil does not make the hair healthy.

Q: I live in Canada for past 3 months, my hair has started falling tremendously, I don't understand what to do. Please suggest some remedy for the problem, Iíll be grateful to u.

A: The climate in Canada is very dry and cold. Your hair will take some time to adjust to the climate there. Go for a short hair cut and use conditioner.

Q: I have a very short and scanty hair, dandruff and extreme level hair loss. I use Sunsilk (egg). Still much improvement cannot be seen. Please answer.

A. There is definitely some dandruff which is not visible. Do you sweat a lot?

Q: My hair is falling tremendously. I am suffering from Oesnophilia. Thatís why I canít use any thing. Could you suggest me something?

A: See a dermatologist and use a hair pack regularly.

Q: I have shoulder length hair. I lose a lot of hair in a day. My hair is dry sometimes. I shampoo once a week and do not apply oil, maybe once a month. Is that ok? I have thick hair, so when I leave my hair, it is not manageable, it looks very unkempt. Can I use any gel? If yes, then how often and which brand and if no, then what is the solution?

A: It seems you have an oily scalp and dry hair. Try to wash it at least twice a week and apply oil once a week. Use conditioner on hair and after every wash use hair serum. No need to use gel.

Q: Hi! Iím having a real hard time with my hair. I had my baby six months ago. And ever since; my hair has started falling at a very fast rate. Even if I touch it with the fingers my hair comes off. And when I shampoo, itís worse. It looks like I lose a quarter of my hair in one wash. Please tell me what to do. Thanks and awaiting your reply. Deepa Nayyar

A. After delivery the body hormone changes and that is why such a bad hair fall. My advice is just go for a short hair and gradually they will start growing and become more healthy.

Q: My hair is falling due to which they are very scanty. I use Pantene lively clean because they are oily and have to wash every alternate day.

A: Hair fall? I recommend a short cut that will give you bounce. Avoid using conditioner. There is no harm in washing it every day.

Q: I am suffering from heavy hair loss though I have thick hair. My age is 18 and I live in a hostel. Please suggest some tips (easy ones) to prevent the hair loss.

A: Have a short cut and have some hair pack.

Q: My wife is 34. She is having problem of most of the hair becoming white (which we feel it is too early compared to the age) and also loss of hair. We have consulted the Dermatologist and using Mintop regularly but of no use. My wife wants to use colour dye even though the dermatologist is not suggesting it. Can you give any remedy for hair loss/whitening?

A: For grey hair use henna and for loss of hair go for a short hair cut. That is the best that can be done.

Q: How can I restrict hair fall? How can I get thicker hair or hair that I lost? Is it possible? I loose more hair when I shampoo my hair let me know how I can restrict. Give me tips for good hair.

A) If your hair is falling due to dandruff use Johnson's Nizoral shampoo, and get an oil massage, and use a hot towel. Do the oil massage at least once a week.

Q: My hair had a very good texture but from last 2-3 yrs it is gone bad and also am suffering from tremendous hair loss.

A: If your hair is rough use hair conditioner or hair serum. Keep your hair short. Get a good hair cut.

Q: My age is 24, male. Of late, my hair line is receding, showing more of my forehead. I don't get exposed to dust since my job is desk-job. I'm a graphic designer and spend whole day before the computer. Also I travel by bus. How can I stop hair loss?

A: It is because of your lifestyle you are losing your hair. Try to relax, go for a morning walk, or yoga. Use some hair pack every week as a food for your hair.

Q: In winter my hair falls badly but in summer itís less. I am using Head & Shoulder. Could you please suggest me some natural remedy to overcome hair fall and for good hair growth? Thanks, bye.

A: Good hair is a gift. There could be hair fall because of wrong shampoos that are used. Use a shampoo that is meant for your hair type.

Q: I've been advised to use Top gain lotion for hair loss by a reputed beautician. Apply lightly into scalp at night for 3 months. Is it okay for hair loss?

A: Consult some good dermatologist. They should be able to guide you better.

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