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Hair Style

Q: Hi Jawed! Since a very long time I wanted to get a haircut from you but I do not have your contact number or address. I would be happy if you can give me your salonís address so that you can style my hair before I fly back to Spain. THANK YOU!

A: I can be contacted in Mumbai on my salon number 26363049 and in Delhi 51646151.

Q: My hair is thin, what hair cut do I have?

A: The hair cut for thin hair has to be short as it canít hold bounce or shape if they are long. So they should be below shoulder.

Q: Is it possible to align hair length without the use of a scissor? If so, where in Mumbai can this be done?

A: Yes you could go for some hair extention. I have no clue about where in Bombay you can get this done.

Q: Hi, this is yashada from Mumbai. Iím 16 years. I have got dry n shineless shoulder length hair. My hair doesnít grow fast. Can you give me some tips to grow my hair a bit faster? I also have dandruff problem which severely affects my skin. My hair is curly but when I comb they become wavy. I donít want them to become wavy. I want curls in my hair so what should I do? Can u plzzzz help me out with this? Thanks. Take care. Bye.Yasha.

A: It is because of dandruff you are having all these problems. I think your hair is dry but your scalp is oily. You can use conditioner only on the hair but try to avoid putting conditioner on the scalp. Frequent wash with a mild shampoo is also a good idea.

Q: My once naturally curly hair has suddenly gone straight. They give a shattered and damaged look and have become difficult to manage. How can they go back to being curly 'n normal? Please help out. Marianne

A: Sometimes because of the hormonal change of the body the hair becomes straight from curly or vice versa. The chances of going back do not seem possible. I know you are missing your curly hair. Try some conditioner to get sheen on the hair. Or try some hair serum.

Q: As a matter of fact I donít have any dandruff. But I do have a problem. In the morning when I get up everyday my hairstyle wonít be the same way I combed it the day before. Even if I comb it down it doesnít stay the way I want it to. Iím afraid of using hair dryers as people say it makes your hair fall. HOPE YOU WILL HELP ME! Love Nabeela

A: I think your cut is not right or evenly done. So go for a better hair cut. Dry hair does not help in hair fall. It does make them dry.

Q: I want to straighten my hair. I have curly shoulder-length hair and live in Bangalore. I am 18 years old. I also have dandruff. Please tell me the methods to straighten my hair @ home and salon. If at a salon how much it would normally cost?

A. For chemical straightening you need to visit a salon. It should cost between 1000 to 4000 rupees. For dandruff get some hot oil treatment once a week.

Q: I have very scanty hair but it has volume. It is very frizzy so after a hair bath it stands out and covers my face completely. I can't leave it open and have to pin it up or tie it. I don't have a proper haircut. No style. It's been the same look 4 so many years. I'd like to have thick hair. Pls help. Thanks.

A: You are born with scanty but thick hair. To make it more manageable try chemical straightening, then use some good conditioner on it.

Q: My hair was quite manageable before silky and soft but after the use of bryl cream, my hair became harder and thicker. The texture has been changed. My food habits are good. I am taking green vegetables, vitamins, minerals, calcium everything then why the problem? Kindly advice me which oil/shampoo I should use to make my hair silky and smooth.

A: If the texture has changed it is not because of Brylcream but because of the hormonal changes in the body. What you require is shampoo meant for dry hair and some good conditioner on the hair.

Q: Hi, is there a way from which I can know which shampoo will suit me, a part from going to a hair expert b'cos there are none here?

A: If you have oily hair use an oily hair shampoo of any good brand. For curly hair use a dry hair shampoo.

Q: I like long hair and I have it too. But my problem is split ends. I have cut my hair till the point I have split ends, but again when the hair grew, I have the same problem. Can you suggest me any home remedy?

A: I donít think you can keep a longer length. That is the only reason after some length your hair starts getting split ends. Be regular with hair trim and use a hair pack fortnightly.

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