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Q: I am having dandruff, coz of which I am getting small pimples on face. Also my hairs have suddenly become rough. Except for the shampoo what else could be applied in order to make them soft & straight? Also I want to get my hair streaked. Is it advisable coz I've heard that it spoils the texture of hair?

A: I suppose you have oily dandruff. You can use henna every fortnight for half an hour, and on top of it use serum on hair. You could go ahead with streaks it does not spoil the texture of hair.

Q: Hi, this is Yashada from Mumbai. I’m 16years. I have got dry n shineless shoulder length hair. My hair doesn’t grow fast. Can u give me some tips 2 grow my hair a bit faster? I also have dandruff problem which severely affects my skin. My hair is curly but when I comb they become wavy. I don’t want them to become wavy. I want curls in my hair so what should I do? Can u plzzzz help me out with this? Thanks. Take care. Bye. Yasha.

A: It is because of dandruff you are having all these problems. I think your hair is dry but your scalp is oily. You can use conditioner only on the hair but try to avoid putting conditioner on the scalp. Frequent wash with a mild shampoo is also a good idea.

Q: Dear Sir, I am suffering from dandruff in my hair for the past one year. I have hair fall and also continuous itching. Please suggest a remedy.

A: I suppose you are suffering from oily dandruff because the day you wash it is normal and it again becomes oily the next day. Try to use some oily hair pack once a week. Use Sunsilk pink shampoo for every second wash and henna once fortnightly.

Q: I have always been under the impression that if you have dandruff you have dry hair. However, I do have dandruff but I have very oily hair. I need to wash my hair everyday in order for it to be oil free. Please assist me in my hair care routine as I do not know what type of shampoo I should use - the one for dandruff or the one for oily hair.

A: For oily hair wash it more frequently. Avoid putting conditioner on the scalp and if possible use henna as a conditioner only for half an hour.

Q: I am not able to get rid of Dandruff. I have been trying all kinds of shampoos and conditioners but all efforts have gone in vain. Please suggest some effective and herbal remedy so that health of my hair doesn’t deteriorate further.

A: Dandruff is like a slow poison for hair. Sometimes shampoo and conditioner does not work. Try to use some Multani Mitti base hair pack.

Q: Could u suggest me which type of hair pack can i use and which type of shampoo will suit my hair very much? I get dandruff very occasionally and what remedy is there for it other than an anti dandruff shampoo. Please help me. Thank you.

A: All the hair packs are multani mitti based. If you are regular with pack every week it should not be any problem. And use normal hair shampoo twice in a week.

Q: My hair is dull and very dry. Once I had very black and long hair now i have cut short to shoulder length because it got too thin.. How can I make my hair look again black, shiny and silky.. Well am under medication as I have hypothyroidism.... can u suggest me what i can do?? And whom to contact regarding this.....

A: You must contact a good doctor for your problems. For dullness use hair serum after every wash.

Q: Mr. Habib can u please give me the address of u r hair salon in Mumbai and also please suggest me a good remedy for curing and preventing dandruff.

A: 1) 109, First Floor, Palm Spring, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W), Mumbai 400053. Tel: 26363049, 26343325.

Shopper’s Stop, S. V. Marg, Kandivli, Mumbai. Tel: 28076566

Shoppers Stop, 211-D, S.V. Road, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400 058

Tel: 2624 0451

Remedy for dandruff: Use a hair pack for twenty minutes once a week and wash it off.

Q: I am having a lot of dandruff in my hair. I have tried all shampoos but of no use.

A: Is it an oily dandruff or dry dandruff. On oily dandruff with dandruff shampoo try to apply henna for half an hour fortnightly. On dry dandruff apply a mixture of methi powder and henna every fortnightly for half an hour at a time.

Q: Sir, I am 20yrs old. I am suffering from severe dandruff. Dermatologist advised me not to use oil and shampoo hair regularly. I am following his advice. But it is not helping me. The dandruff is still occurring again and again. These days, my hair also seems to be thinning and I don't want my hairline to recede. Kindly advise me. I suffer from premature greying. Where can I get to know about a good hairstyle for me? I am now keeping my hair short for the dandruff. Sincerely, Thanking you, Rahul.

A: Dandruff is like a slow poison so make sure you get rid of this as soon as possible. Hair loss and greying of your hair is all because of dandruff. The shortest hair cut is the only way out. Try some oily hair pack once in a fortnight.

Q: My hair needs three sunsilks, the black as it lacks shine and is dull, the pink one as its brittle and I have lots of splits, and the green one too as I have dandruff. What should I do? Should I use all the three shampoos alternatively for a week? Also I have waist length hair with a feather/ razor cut, and I have a mix of squarish and oval face. That is an oval face with a pronounced jaw line. What hair style would suit me (keeping in mind that I am a student)?

A: I think you can use black sunsilk shampoo and put hair serum.

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