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Want TO Colour My Hair

Q: I am having dandruff, because of which I am getting small pimples on face. Also my hair has suddenly become rough. Except for the shampoo what else could be applied in order to make them soft & straight? Also I want to get my hair streaked. Is it advisable because I've heard that it spoils the texture of hair?

A: I suppose you have oily dandruff. You can use henna every fortnight for half an hour, and on top of it use serum on hair. You could go ahead with streaks it does not spoil the texture of hair.

Q: I am 28 years old married women and mother of 5 years old daughter. I had highlighted my hair six or seven months back after that my hair has become dry and dull. I've tried all brands of shampoo but none of them suits me and after washing it becomes very rough. I am having dandruff problems also from last one and a half years I tried homeopathic medicine but it was useless my hair is falling because of dandruff and am having pimples and acne problem too.

A: After highlighting the hair, it normally tends to become slightly dry and dull. You need conditioner or leave on conditioner like serum after every wash. You could try some home remedy like multani mitti on the scalp by mixing with water leave it for half an hour and rinse it. I am sure you could get relief from dandruff.

Q: I have coloured my hair. It tends to get a bit dry. What should I do? I do not use oil, only shampoo and condition. Secondly, I tend to sweat a lot. How often is it advisable to use a shampoo and conditioner??

A: Hair tends to become dry once you highlight it. Try to have some hair treatment like oil or conditioner and a steam towel on it. Once the towel cools down rinse it out. You can shampoo your hair every second day but make sure the conditioner has not got much conditioning in it.

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