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Can you please tell me how to apply henna (the correct proportion of ingredients?)

A: Hi Sashikala, This is the correct method for applying henna. Mix henna with hot water, make a paste not very thin or very thick. Do not mix anything else and apply.

1. If you want to cover grey hair keep it for two to three hours.

2. If you want conditioning apply for half an hour. For conditioning apply one teaspoon of any hair oil in the henna paste.

Q: I have always been under the impression that if you have dandruff you have dry hair. However, I do have dandruff but I have very oily hair. I need to wash my hair everyday to keep it oil free. Please assist me in my hair care routine as I do not know what type of shampoo I should use - the one for dandruff or the one for oily hair.

A: For oily hair wash it more frequently. Avoid putting conditioner on the scalp and if possible use henna as a conditioner only for half an hour.

Q: I am not able to get rid of Dandruff. I have been trying all kinds of shampoos and conditioners but all efforts have gone in vain. Please suggest some effective and herbal remedy so that the health of my hair doesn’t deteiorate further.

A: Dandruff is like a slow poison for hair. Sometimes shampoo and conditioner does not work. Try to use some Multani Mitti base hair pack.

Q: Hello Jawed, I have a hair problem, longtime use of shampoos has made my hair dry and lifeless. I am going to use henna as it is said to be a natural conditioner. I have grey hair also. Could u suggest me something to rectify the problem. I hope u will send me a reply. Kritica

A: I think you are using the wrong shampoo. Use a shampoo which is meant for normal hair. Henna is a natural conditioner but add some methi (fenugreek seeds) that will take the dryness out from your hair and do wonders to your gray hair too.

Q: Can you please explain what this hair serum is?

A: Hair serum is like conditioner but it is an oil free one and the base is silicon. That is why after applying serum the hair does not look oily. Hair serum is used after the shampoo and only on hair and not on the scalp.

Q: Hi, my goatee hair is rough, is there any shampoo or conditioner I can use to make it smooth.

A: I think you have dry hair that is why your hair is dull and brittle with lots of splits and of course dandruff. My advice is go for a dry hair shampoo plus use conditioner treatment and serum on hair. For a good style one has to see a hair stylist personally.


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