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Last week's prediction

(Part I)

Certain numbers `dominate’ more than one sphere of our life, determining the course it will take, at times even altering it. The study of these influential numbers is known as numerology.

Have you ever been `chased’ by a particular number? Does the number keep on entering your life in some form or the other? Has it brought in its wake happy moments or ones that are best forgotten? Don’t you think it is high time that you studied the significance of this number and the bearing it has on your life?

Each number is endowed with its own vibrations and energy channels that are responsible for major and minor changes in a person’s life. There is a major difference between the powers of numbers and vibrations caused by the numbers. Numbers by themselves do not have any power, they are symbols that contain vibration and the power to connect.

Numerology is intricately related to other astrological sciences like tarot reading palmistry, etc and should ideally be studied in conjunction with these.

Numerology follows certain key concepts:

It has a staunch belief that all of us are born with a purpose and birth dates strongly influence the future course of our lives.

• The name, like birth date creates its own vibrations and affects the path of life.
• Nothing happens by chance in our lives. Everything is predestined.

Numerology helps us to:

See ourselves more clearly

• Realize our talents and strengths
• Identify our personality type
• See how we can best accomplish our destiny.
• Discover what lessons we came to learn in this lifetime

One of numerology’s greatest gifts is that it teaches us tolerance and acceptance of others, as well as who we are ourselves. As our self-awareness increases, we achieve a more objective view of our lives, and from this we can make better choices for how to live it.

There are Pythagoran, Chinese and Kabbala numerology systems. Of these, the most widely used is the Pythagoran, and that is the system that is used to produce your reports.

Our association with numbers start with our birth – birthday. The birthday added to the digits in our name (which again have their own specific numbers) have a strong influence on our life. Numerology is based on the concept that birth name and birth date determine the course our life takes.

Numerology helps an individual to detect favourable numbers and wean out the unfavourable ones.

Benefits of numerology
Understanding transitions and changes

Understanding others.

• Understanding cycles that our lives follow.
• Understanding and surmounting challenging events and people.
• Reaping benefits from latent talent.

A numerology chart is governed by five core elements

• Soul Number
• Personality Number
• Destiny Number
• Maturity Number
• Life Part Number

The five together are responsible for shaping lives and the course they follow.

How to use numerology

Numerology is the study of single digits, so all numbers are reduced to a single digit. Ex: if you were born on the 29th of a certain month, your numerology number will be 2+9 = 11. The two ones in eleven are further added 1+1 = 2, so your numerology number is 2. Likewise all numbers are reduced to single digits.

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