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Youíre introduced to someone of the same sex with a great figure.
You think, ďBut her thighs are fatter than mine/his chest is thinner than mine!Ē
You appreciate her/his figure, but are a little envious.
You donít notice the perfect 10.
When I look in the mirror:
I check to see if I am looking decent.
I marvel at my good looks.
I canít be bothered to look in a mirror.

Youíre in a restaurant with a hot date:
You concentrate on getting to know your date better.
You donít notice the spaghetti dangling from your lower lip!
You go to the bathroom every now and then to check yourself in the mirror.
At a dinner party:
You constantly count calories.
You eat and drink in moderation.
You pig out.
While dressing for an evening out you are wondering?
Am I looking good?
Is this outfit cramping my style?
Am I dressed to kill?
You exercise:
I hate exercise.
To flex some muscle and show off your curves.
To remain healthy and in shape.
The first thing you notice when you are introduced to a new person:
If their butt is too big and their nose is too long!
Their personality
You are too busy to notice.
When trying to impress somebody you are attracted too:
You flaunt your physical assets.
You exude your personality.
You are just yourself, whether you are meeting a pal or the president!


60 + : You are the king/queen of vanity! The way you look is top most on your mind, whether you are out on a date, dressing for work or answering an exam! Itís good to be conscious of your appearance, but not fanatic. Ultimately, beauty is not merely skin deep.

30-60 : Youíre on the right track and you look beyond mere exteriors. If a shadow of doubt forms in your mind about where you are lacking in the looks department, groom yourself well, but be confident of your uniqueness as an individual.

Under 30 : You tend to be sloppy and look unkempt, because you are least bothered about the way you look. If you would like to make some impressions, buck up. Groom yourself, dress well, be hygienic. You will look your best.

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