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Take this quick quiz to find out if you bend or break under pressure or rise to the challenge with patience and confidence...

  • Your boss calls you on your extension, and fires you. You:
      Get engrossed in your work in a bid to forget about it.
      Talk to a friend, and try to find a way to solve the apparent problem.
      Take your frustration out on your colleagues around you.

  • It's been one week at the new job, and you haven't been able to make any friends. You:
      Start looking for a new job.
      Start coming in late and sneaking out early as you can't bear sitting in the office.
      Try to figure out whether there's something wrong in your approach.

  • After spending a couple of hours on a presentation/project/assignment, your computer crashes and you lose all the data. You:
    Groan, and start thinking of how to redo all the work.
    Contemplate shattering the computer monitor.
    Walk out of the office in disgust, and head for the nearest bar/restaurant.

  • You've been working for close to a week now on a project. Your deadline is just a couple of hours away, you are exhausted, but still have some loose ends to tie up. You:
    Say to yourself: "This is the best I could do," and grab some sleep.
    You want to finish the job, but you are too tense and can't focus.
    Decide that since you've come so far, you might as well complete the job.

  • You have just lost your job. You:
    Decide to take a holiday, and worry about work after that.
    Can't sleep because you are too anxious about your jobless state.
    Contact a headhunting firm, start scanning the classifieds, call up your contacts.

  • Your romantic relationship isn't exactly working out. You:
    Decide to talk to your partner, and find out what's going wrong.
    Think it's time to end it and move on.
    Worry that perhaps your partner's cheating on you.

  • Your romantic relationship breaks down. You:
    Decide to hop into another relationship.
    Try to analyse where you went wrong, as that could help you in future liaisons.
    Start eating and drinking excessively, and blaming your partner.

  • As you drive along the highway at night, your car stalls on a dark, lonely stretch. You:
    Attempt to halt a passing vehicle.
    Leave your car, and head for the nearest village.
    Panic, as you are afraid that you will be assaulted/robbed/killed.

  • While driving, the car behind you keeps blaring the horn. You:
    Refuse to give him way, as he is still a fair distance away.
    Say to yourself: "Let the idiot go," and let him pass.
    Let him pass, but as he does give him a mouthful of abuses.

  • A traffic cop stops you for breaking a signal, but you are sure you haven't done so. You:
    Try to convince him calmly, but pay up eventually.
    Realise it's no point arguing with him, and straightaway pay up.
    Scream at him for making the mistake and refuse to pay up.


    Above 65: You appear to have realised that stress is inevitable, and treat every bout of it as a challenge if not an opportunity. Good going!

    30-65: Whilst you aren't doing a bad job of handling stress, perhaps you need to find some more effective ways to do so.

    Under 30: Stress is definitely getting to you, and you need to learn to cope with it, else it could be pretty disastrous for your health. Take action now.

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