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In the past educationalists, career counselors, marriage counselors, clinical psychologists and job interviewers, have attempted to assess the human personality and a great deal of research time and effort has been invested into creating useful personality test.

The two principal kinds that are used are projective tests, which need to be interpreted subjectively by an expert and the second one are the personality questionnaires or “inventories,” which, when once developed by an expert, can be scored objectively by anyone. The latter are the most common method, and probably the most accurate. They are the only test that can be used in self-assessment. Take this personality test that has been coined by Educationalist , MS Namrata Khona Samra

This personality test has three scales, with 10 questions in each scale. This week you can take scale 1 which will reveal a personality trait. Answer each question with a yes or no as HONESTLY as possible. Hint: Your first reaction would be ideal. There are no right or wrong answers. When you have finished, scroll down to read the results.

S c a l e # 1
    Do you enjoy talking?
   Yes No

    Are you often bored at parties?
   Yes No

    Are you sociable?
   Yes No

    Are you rather a quiet person?
   Yes No

    Do you like to work fast?
   Yes No

    Do you like a nice, quiet peaceful setting?
   Yes No

    Are you thought of as witty and amusing?
   Yes No

    Do you like jobs that need a lot of concentration?
   Yes No

    Do you really like energetic pastimes?
   Yes No

    Are you a shy person?
   Yes No

This test measures extroversion and introversion.
The extrovert is outward looking, cheerful, and sociable, noisy, energetic.
If you scored 8 or more on scale 1, you are clearly extrovert.
The introvert is the opposite of this; quiet, rather reserved, preferring a few good friends to a lot of cheerful companions, a contemplative person.  If you scored 3 or less you are equally clearly an introvert.
All other scores are about average.

Now take scale 2:
Are You Emotionally High-Strung?

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