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Find out if you're a Roving Romeo ( or Jubilant Juliet ), or just a tactless tramp by taking this test and totaling your score.

  • Your idea of a date is…
    Masala Dosa and Chai at the neighouring Udipi restaurant
    A drive in the back of a cab
    A walk along the beach or round the park

  • When you see somebody attractive, your opening line is…
    Duh...what's the time?
    Err, haven't we met before?
    Are you the one in that ad on TV?

  • When the waiter gets the bill…
    You suddenly realise you have to visit the loo.
    You grab it, and flash your thick wallet.
    You suggest that the bill should be shared

  • Foreplay for you means…
    A four-test cricket series
    A kiss or two before the fireworks
    Most of the fun

  • When your partner starts talking about commitment you…
    Suddenly feel the urge to talk about the weather
    Listen, but can't seem to understand
    Listen, even if you don't agree

  • Sex to you is as important as…
    An air conditioner in winter
    The air you breathe
    A walk together on the beach

  • If you're cheating on your partner…
    You brag about it
    You feel you're having twice the fun
    You think it's time to come clean

  • Your date talks about a sexual inadequacy. Your reaction…
    What did I do to deserve this!
    Remain poker-faced, but decide to end the relationship
    Decide to work on it

  • Your partner is eyeing somebody on the next table. You
    Suggest an exit from that restaurant
    Decide that you can play that game too
    Discuss the topic of your partner's interest

  • When you're in the mood for sex, you…
    Make a beeline for the bed
    Say: "Let's have sex."
    Play some romantic music or turn down the lights


    65-100: You surely know what makes a relationship tick, and when to turn on the charm. Go ahead, have a ball!

    40-64: You have to work on some aspects, but don't lose heart: Work on the chinks and you could soon be scoring a full 100.

    Under-40: Hmm...You’re no lover for sure, and if you do harbour any such illusions there's a long way to go we can assure you.

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