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      Of Service - are you a good party host?


Discover what type of party host you are and how your parties are likely to be!
You are arranging a kidís party. You would
  Concentrate on good food, snacks and fun games.
  Organise a theme party coordinating invites, decorations, food etc
  Order food from out and let the kids amuse themselves.

You need some party music
  You select some good tracks and request a friend to act as the DJ.
  You call for music and a music system halfway through the party!
  You get a DJ or a live band.

While deciding on the party food
You have a banquet and gourmet snacks.
You see that there is a good variety catering to everyoneís tastes.
Your food supply falls short halfway through the party.

Somebody spills sauce on your expensive, new tablecloth
You change the tablecloth and get on with the jubilation.
You donít even notice; youíre having so much fun!
You make a face and spend an hour cleaning up.

Okay, youíve finished planning the menu. For serving, you
You prefer paper plates and you shine all your serving ware.
Your coffee mugs double up as glasses and bowls as plates!
Take out your priceless crockery especially for the party.

You are dressing up for the party
You shop especially for the party and make a statement.
You settle for your favourite party outfit.
You wear shorts and a t-shirt.

Before the first guest arrives, you
Check that the drinks are chilled, the place is clean and the food, ready.
Scrutinise every detail minutely.
Help yourself to a drink!

While making the guest list you
Are particular to have a good mix of people.
Invite all the people who are close to you.
Call everyone you know and expect gatecrashers!.

For the ambience of the party
You rearrange your furniture, add soft lighting and some flowers.
You pick a complete theme and plan accordingly.
You prefer being spontaneous.

As your guests arrive
You greet them at the front door and offer them a drink.
You greet them and you direct them to the bar.
You are already three drinks down and expect them to find their way in.



70 and Above
You have a good eye for detail and are a very meticulous party host. Your guests are usually impressed by your efforts. But on the flip side, you take your party preparations very seriously ómaybe a trifle too much. You tend to concentrate too hard on seeing that all goes well and you often forget to have a good time.

Your parties are warm, fun occasions which even you thoroughly enjoy. You are very particular about tending to all your guests and seeing that everyone as a great time. Once in a while though, you should infuse a new theme or element into your parties.

45 and below

You are one carefree soul and your parties are, wild, unplanned affairs. If your guests are from the same flock as you, they will have a blast. The more weak hearted should clearly steer clear though!

Happy Partying!  

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