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Are You a Good ‘best friend’?
Are you a fringe friend or an intense bosom buddy? Take this survey and test your score!
Your best friend gets a new job with a fat salary and perks, you are:
  Very jealous.
  Effusive with pride for your friend.
  Slightly envious but nevertheless happy for your pal.

You’re on a first date with someone you really like. Your friend gets robbed and is devastated. You:
 Call a friend and ask him to check on your pal.
  Don’t take her/his calls.
  Apologise profusely and rush to her/his help.

You’re real angry with your best pal who’s blurted out one of your top secrets, you:
discuss it, make your peace and confide in her again.
discuss it but remain slightly wary in the future.
ignore her and carry on as if he/she doesn’t exist.

You and your friend like the same guy/girl:
You find out how much she likes this guy/girl and act accordingly.
You go ahead and ask him/her out.
You decide to hook up with other fish in the sea.

Your friend is devastated after a severe fight with the spouse. You:
Listen, then excuse yourself and promise to call back after your appointment.
tell her/him you’re busy and will call her/him at the earliest.
counsel him/her thoroughly.

You meet your best pal if :
You decide to go to her/his place.
Your pal meet up for dinner, a movie or alternatively at either of your places.
your pal comes to visit you.

It's a holiday, your pal decides to drop in:
You prefer to let things be spontaneous.
You go all out to make it a memorable evening.
You’re busy.

You have a movie date with your best pal and you feel too tired to go along, you:
Make it anyways; you haven’t seen her/him in a while.
Request a change of plan and settle for a quiet dinner.
Call her/him 5 minutes before the film and cancel your plan.

You’re attracted to your best pal’s boy/girlfriend, whose flirting with you. You:
You don’t react to his/her overtures and stay away if possible.
You warn her/him if it gets too much.
You flirt outrageously.

You win a lottery and are suddenly rich:
You take your best friend out and splurge on her/him.
You gift your pal something expensive that he’s/she’s been craving for.
You spend all the money on yourself.


70+: You live for your friends, period! You are caring, affectionate, concerned and self-sacrificing and you make a super pal. Beware though; you might be shortchanged in the bargain. In other words, your friends may take you for granted and you will feel upset because of this. It is advisable to keep your own interests at par or slightly higher than those of your friends.

45-70: You’re on the right track. You cherish your friends a lot, but you know how to strike the right balance between caring for them and taking care of your own emotional health and interests.

45-: There is a lot to be desired in your role as a friend. You need to give more and be thoughtful towards your pals. In other words get more involved in the life of your friends, or risk losing them!


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