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Take this quick test to find out if you're a delegator or a Control Freak, the king of cool or a leader in the making...

At work during a crisis you:
  Lose your temper and fire everyone in sight.
  You try to think your way out of it.
  You wait for it to pass.

Your partner wants to have a stag night out with friends…
  You get very upset, flare up and sulk.
  You wonder why you aren't doing the same thing.
  You tell your partner to have a great time.

At a party you…
Do all the talking.
You talk and listen in equal measure.
You just listen and respond in monosyllables.

The house help misses a spot while cleaning:
You yell at the top of your voice.
Tick her off firmly and ask her not to do it again.
You don't even notice.

If you go on to head your organisation:
You will ensure that virtually every decision is made by you.
You will accept feedback, but the last word will be yours.
You will encourage co-workers to make crucial decisions.

During sex:
You make all the moves, and your partner follows accordingly.
You hope your partner helps you liven up the night.
Lie back, and take it as it comes.

Your idea of an ideal relationship is with:
A partner who will have to adjust to your lifestyle.
A partner who you can teach, but also learn from.
A partner who just lets you be and vice versa.

If there's a fire in the bus you're travelling in:
You take charge, and scream instructions at your co-passengers.
You're first priority is to get out of the bus.
You wait for someone to give you instructions and become part of the fire-fighting team.

On reaching work, you suddenly realise there's a miniscule stain on your shirt. You:
Return home and change.
Get irritated but try to forget about it.
Ignore it.

You fix a deadline, but overun it by 10 minutes. You:
Get very upset, and believe you are inefficient.
You are disappointed, and promise to do better the next time.
Say, what the heck, deadlines are meant to be broken.


70 and above: There's little doubt: You will settle for little else other than total control. You could well be a leader soon (if you aren't one already). But remember, sometimes it helps to let go a little too.

You appear to be well balanced, in control when the situation demands it, and not unwilling to listen to others when required. That's not easy, so pat yourself on the back!

You are the epitomy of Mr. Cool. Perhaps there may be many who envy you (after all, there's very little chance of you bursting a blood vessel!), but maybe, just maybe, a dose of proactivity could help you achieve much more.

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